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The Liz Wheeler Show

Ep. 382: Tucker Carlson Got ZERO COVID Jabs, Plus Tucker ROASTS Mike Pence, Nikki Haley, & Tim Scott

Mon Jul 17 2023
Shipping ServicesTucker CarlsonVaccine SkepticismPersonal ResponsibilityPolitical StatementsFinancial CrisisUkraine ConflictForeign PolicyAmerica's InterestBiden AdministrationCocaine IncidentSteph Curry


This episode covers various topics including shipping services, Tucker Carlson's interview style, vaccine skepticism, concerns about personal responsibility, political statements, potential financial crisis, Ukraine conflict, foreign policy critique, questions on America's interest, concerns about the Biden administration, and a cocaine incident in the White House. It also mentions Steph Curry's golf achievement.


Vaccine Skepticism

The episode explores vaccine skepticism and the disappointment felt when respected individuals get vaccinated despite their skepticism.

Concerns about Ukraine Conflict

There are concerns about Nikki Haley's position on Ukraine and the potential consequences of the war, including loss of US superpower status and fiscal instability.

Questions on America's Interest

The podcast raises questions about America's interest in providing aid to Ukraine and being involved in the border dispute with Russia.

Concerns about the Biden Administration

The episode expresses concerns about the Biden administration's behavior, inappropriate actions, and controversial statements.

Cocaine Incident in the White House

A baggie of cocaine found at the White House raises questions about Hunter Biden's involvement and the behavior of the Biden administration.


  1. and Tucker Carlson Interview
  2. Vaccine Skepticism and Concerns
  3. Political Statements and Concerns
  4. Ukraine, Foreign Policy, and Potential Consequences
  5. Questions on America's Interest and Concerns about Biden Administration
  6. Cocaine Incident and Steph Curry's Golf Achievement
Transcript and Tucker Carlson Interview

00:00 - 06:37

  • offers discounted rates for shipping services
  • Tucker Carlson interviewed Asa Hutchinson about COVID vaccines
  • Hutchinson avoided answering the question about how many shots he took
  • The host finds Tucker Carlson's interview style entertaining and respects his decision not to get vaccinated
  • The host feels disappointed when people she respects get vaccinated despite their skepticism

Vaccine Skepticism and Concerns

06:20 - 12:43

  • It's okay to feel disappointed if someone who was skeptical of the vaccine got it anyway
  • Those who regret getting the vaccine should feel a little disappointed in themselves
  • Society risks whitewashing the situation and hindering behavior change if we downplay the importance of personal responsibility
  • COVID was not a serious threat to most people, and the vaccine was experimental and not as effective as claimed
  • Admiration for Tucker Carlson for not getting the vaccine
  • Mike Pence struggled to answer Tucker's question about prioritizing Ukraine over domestic issues
  • Concerns raised about deteriorating cities, economy, suicide rate, filth, disorder, and crime in the United States
  • Pence's focus on restoring law and order, securing borders, reviving the economy, and appointing conservative judges
  • Dismissal of those who believe America can't solve its problems while leading globally

Political Statements and Concerns

12:24 - 19:11

  • Mike Pence's statement about America not being his concern was taken out of context and can be used against him in politics
  • Tucker Carlson questions why Mexico is considered less of a threat than Russia despite the higher death toll caused by Mexico
  • Senator Tim Scott believes that the US can address multiple issues simultaneously
  • The podcast host criticizes politicians for not allocating enough funds to address border crisis and fentanyl overdose
  • Nikki Haley suggests that the Biden administration backed the Nord Stream pipeline, causing environmental damage and harming Western Europe's economy
  • The podcast host expresses concern about a potential financial crisis and recommends protecting savings with physical gold and silver

Ukraine, Foreign Policy, and Potential Consequences

18:45 - 25:27

  • UN Food Chief warns of a potential food shortage and famine
  • Farmers predict empty food shelves in the coming months
  • Survival food kits from Four Patriots recommended for stockpiling
  • Nikki Haley avoids expressing her true opinion to gain support
  • Politicians prioritize winning votes over representing constituents' interests
  • Concerns raised about Nikki Haley's position on Ukraine and US involvement in the war
  • Potential consequences of the war in Ukraine include loss of US superpower status, fiscal instability, and destabilization of the world
  • Critique of DC foreign policy elite for lack of clear objectives in military engagements
  • Desantis opposes forever wars and emphasizes the need for a mandate for victory
  • Lack of clarity on America's interest in providing aid to Ukraine and involvement in border disputes with Russia

Questions on America's Interest and Concerns about Biden Administration

25:00 - 32:08

  • The podcast raises questions about America's interest in giving $113 billion to Ukraine and being involved in the border dispute with Russia
  • The host wonders why politicians can't define America's interest in detail, especially when they aspire to be the leader of the free world
  • A comedian named J.P. Sears made a video mocking those who put the Ukraine flag in their Twitter bio, highlighting the large amount of funding sent to Ukraine
  • The host criticizes Joe Biden for his inappropriate behavior towards a toddler and expresses concern about Kamala Harris advocating for reducing population as a solution to climate change
  • The investigation into a baggie of cocaine found at the White House concludes without determining who it belonged to, raising questions about Hunter Biden's involvement
  • Tucker Carlson does an impression of the Bidens under the influence of cocaine

Cocaine Incident and Steph Curry's Golf Achievement

31:41 - 34:29

  • Someone left an eight ball of cocaine in the Biden White House
  • The speaker initially thought it was a setup, but later found it to be true
  • The behavior of the Biden administration is described as crazed and grandiose
  • Steph Curry, an NBA basketball star, made a hole in one while playing golf
  • Curry celebrated by throwing his hat and running down the fairway