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Everyday AI Podcast – An AI and ChatGPT Podcast

EP 51: How To Use AI To Land Your Dream Job

Wed Jul 05 2023
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The episode discusses the use of AI in education and job searches. It explores how AI is being used to detect Parkinson's disease earlier and provides guidance for job seekers. The episode also covers the optimization of job searches with AI tools and the importance of showcasing soft skills during the interview process.


AI Cheating in Education

AI cheating is a growing concern in education, leading platforms like Twitter and Reddit to limit access to prevent AI from gaining an unfair advantage.

AI in Job Searches

AI is revolutionizing job searches by assisting with resume optimization, job matching, interview preparation, career guidance, and skill development. Companies are increasingly utilizing AI in their hiring processes, making it essential for job seekers to leverage AI tools.

Optimizing Job Search with AI

AI can help job seekers optimize their job search by providing tools for creating outreach emails, finding contact information, and improving LinkedIn profiles. It also emphasizes the importance of showcasing soft skills and taking action in the job search process.


  1. AI Cheating in Education
  2. AI in Job Searches
  3. Optimizing Job Search with AI

AI Cheating in Education

00:01 - 07:18

  • AI cheating is becoming a cat and mouse game between educators and students.
  • Twitter and Reddit are limiting access to their sites to keep AI out.

AI in Job Searches

06:53 - 13:35

  • AI can help detect Parkinson's disease up to seven years earlier using smart watch data.
  • Marty McGovern, founder of Career Therapy, discusses how AI can be used in job searches.
  • AI can help with basics like updating resumes and cover letters.
  • Using AI can cut through the noise and provide helpful guidance for job seekers.
  • Companies are utilizing AI in their hiring processes, so job seekers should do the same.
  • Companies are utilizing AI in their copywriting, job postings, and company missions.
  • Job seekers should use AI to optimize their applications and save time.
  • AI can be used to create customized blog posts and interview questions.
  • AI helps narrow down and focus mock interviews for specific job roles.
  • Newcomers to AI can ask chat GPT for job search recommendations.
  • AI can assist with resume optimization, job matching, interview prep, career guidance, and skill development.
  • AI can be a substitute for Google when searching for interview questions or skills for resumes.
  • AI could potentially replace certain aspects of career coaching but may not fully replace human interaction.

Optimizing Job Search with AI

13:14 - 25:43

  • Switching from coaching to therapy requires addressing deeper personal issues
  • AI-based job search platforms that match candidates with ideal opportunities are limited
  • LinkedIn and Indeed are still the primary job boards, but networking is crucial for finding jobs
  • Use AI tools like Chat GPT to create outreach emails, find people's emails, and write thank you notes
  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile by using AI tools to improve your photo, headline, about section, skills section, and keywords
  • AI can help individuals showcase soft skills like communication, leadership, and teamwork during the interview process
  • AI can help individuals showcase their soft skills by optimizing bullet points on resumes and LinkedIn profiles.
  • Soft skills should be shown through actions and achievements, rather than just stating them.
  • AI tools can analyze interview recordings to help individuals improve their soft skills.
  • Job seekers should focus on taking action and not get discouraged by negative news or overwhelming tools.
  • Slowing down, connecting with real humans, and being mindful can make the job search process more effective.