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Everyday AI Podcast – An AI and ChatGPT Podcast

EP 52: How a Solopreneur Can Grow with AI

Thu Jul 06 2023


The episode covers the future of AI, AI tools for solopreneurs, automation and time savings, and Gabe's insights and gratitude.


AI's Potential

AI is expected to reach super intelligence within a decade, outperforming humans in various tasks and revolutionizing industries.

AI Tools for Solopreneurs

AI tools like transcription and automation can save time, improve client training, and give small business owners a competitive advantage.

Automation and Time Savings

AI can automate tasks, free up time for strategy and growth, and potentially lead to a universal income level in the future.

Gabe's Insights

Gabe discusses his idea to use AI in podcasting, expresses gratitude for being a guest, and highlights the value of AI in business growth.


  1. The Future of AI
  2. AI Tools for Solopreneurs
  3. Automation and Time Savings
  4. Gabe's Insights and Gratitude

The Future of AI

00:01 - 07:16

  • OpenAI is expecting super intelligence to arrive within a decade and is working on creating safeguards around it.
  • AI can create a complete CPU from scratch in five hours, while it takes Intel four years.
  • AI outperforms the US military, completing tasks in minutes that would take humans days.

AI Tools for Solopreneurs

06:59 - 14:52

  • Gabe Moruska, founder of Digital Finest, discusses how AI has transformed solopreneurship and saved time in his business.
  • Tools like Descript have been a game-changer for solopreneurs by saving time and improving client training.
  • Using a transcription tool can save a lot of time by removing mistakes and unnecessary parts from recordings.
  • Transcription tools like Chad GPT can be integrated into businesses to streamline processes.
  • Chad GPT can be used to research guests for podcasts and generate questions and episode structures.
  • The plugin functionality of Chad GPT allows for easy extraction of important information from transcripts, such as timestamps and show notes.
  • Alphonic is an audio engineering tool that removes noise and echoes from recordings.
  • Alphonic has integrated with OpenAI's future to provide transcript extraction and show note ideas.
  • Using AI tools like transcription and automation can help small business owners grow their businesses faster without hiring additional staff.
  • Leveraging AI tools gives small business owners a competitive advantage against larger companies.
  • While there may be concerns about big companies building AI-powered agencies, individuals with technical knowledge can also leverage these tools effectively.
  • The introduction of AI technology in creative and marketing agencies may reduce human interaction but increase automation.
  • It is difficult to predict the future impact of AI on business growth, as the landscape is constantly changing.

Automation and Time Savings

14:25 - 22:19

  • There is optimism around the subject of AI, but it could lead to a universal income level in the future.
  • Solopreneurs can use AI tools to automate tasks and free up time for strategy and growth.
  • Building a simple chatbot with AI can save solopreneurs time by answering common client questions.
  • Investing upfront in AI tools can result in long-term time savings.
  • Automating post-production tasks for podcasts using AI could be a significant time saver.
  • The speaker plans to explore using AI to automate audio and video editing, creating show notes, and generating teasers.

Gabe's Insights and Gratitude

21:51 - 24:13

  • Gabe discusses his idea to use AI in podcasting and hopes to implement it by the end of the year.
  • He acknowledges that someone may already be working on this idea and is willing to pay for it if they are successful.
  • The conversation highlights the various ways AI can help businesses grow and save time.
  • Gabe expresses gratitude for being a guest on the show and hopes listeners found value in his insights.
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