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Everyday AI Podcast – An AI and ChatGPT Podcast

EP 60: Making More Sales with AI

Tue Jul 18 2023
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The episode covers the use of AI in Silicon Valley, email marketing, sales and personalization, and the sales process. It explores the development of autonomous AI agents, the incorporation of AI into email subject lines, the role of AI in enterprise sales and personalization, and the benefits and limitations of AI in the sales process. The episode also discusses concerns and potential applications of AI beyond professional use.


AI is revolutionizing various industries

Silicon Valley is at the forefront of developing autonomous AI agents, while email marketing and sales are leveraging AI for personalization and efficiency.

AI in email subject lines

AI-based subject lines can provide inspiration, increase open rates, and differentiate marketing emails.

The role of AI in enterprise sales

AI is used to research target accounts and personalize email sequences, saving time and improving efficiency.

The potential of AI in sales process

While AI cannot fully replicate human interaction, it can aid salespeople in being more efficient and improving the sales process.

Exploring the capabilities of AI

Testing AI in personal and professional settings can help understand its limitations and potential applications beyond professional use.


  1. AI in Silicon Valley
  2. AI in Email Marketing
  3. AI in Sales and Personalization
  4. AI in Sales Process and Beyond

AI in Silicon Valley

00:01 - 06:55

  • Silicon Valley is racing to develop autonomous AI agents that can chat and work with other smart AI agents.
  • Wix, a CMS platform, has announced the ability to build websites using just text-to-speech AI technology.
  • A political ad from the Rhonda Santis Pack used an AI Donald Trump voice to make him say things he didn't actually say, highlighting the use of deep fake AI in politics.
  • Sonera Melhotra from Bravo (formerly Sendinblue) discusses how they use AI in their all-in-one marketing platform.
  • Companies often lack specific policies for using AI, leaving it up to individual judgment and creativity.
  • Management at all levels is still figuring out what an effective AI policy should include.

AI in Email Marketing

06:34 - 13:44

  • Brevo has released a new feature that incorporates AI into email subject lines.
  • AI-based subject lines can provide more inspiration and differentiate marketing emails.
  • Email subject lines are crucial for grabbing attention and increasing open rates.
  • In enterprise sales, AI is used to research target accounts and personalize email sequences.
  • Using AI has helped in saving time and making the process more efficient.
  • Brevo is a full suite CRM that offers sales management and contact management tools.
  • Brevo Academy provides certifications and training on the product's functionality.

AI in Sales and Personalization

13:19 - 20:09

  • Supervow Academy is a place to get certifications and learn about the tool
  • Even if you're not a client, you can learn tips about email marketing from expert companies
  • The AI assistant in Brevo is fully integrated and does not require an API key
  • Using generative AI like chat GPT or Google Bard makes research and analysis easier
  • AI is not yet at a point where it can do the job of a salesperson
  • The ultimate goal is to have fully automated sequences with AI assistance
  • Researching oneself allows for personalization that AI cannot replicate
  • Using AI can bring more human touch and personal emotion into interactions
  • There are concerns about the ramifications of using AI, but we are still early in its development

AI in Sales Process and Beyond

19:57 - 24:18

  • AI can personalize everything, but it's not at the point of fully replicating a person's tone of voice or writing style.
  • People in sales may be hesitant to adopt AI because they fear it could replace them.
  • AI is a tool that can make salespeople more efficient and aid in the sales process, but it will not fully take over.
  • Testing AI in personal and professional settings can help understand its capabilities.
  • AI can be used for resume reviews, testing projects, and improving sales performance.
  • AI has applications beyond professional use and can be beneficial in personal life as well.