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Marketing #Unfiltered

Ep 85 | Why your ChatGPT content sounds like everyone else's (and what to do about it)

Fri May 19 2023

Messaging with Chat GPT

00:04 - 10:45

  • The speaker revisited their point of view and opinions to create 20 prompts to improve their messaging.
  • Chat GPT can be helpful but is often misunderstood.
  • Quality content is important and Chat GPT can hurt marketing if not used correctly.
  • After playing with Chat GPT more, the speaker was able to define their messaging.
  • Content creators need to define their messaging before using Chat GPT.
  • Chat GPT is good for educational content, not opinions or crafting opinions.
  • To use Chat GPT effectively, you need to know your point of view and message.

Creating a Personality Quiz with Chachi BT

10:21 - 15:46

  • Sophia wanted to create a personality quiz with her own twist.
  • She defined the results she wanted and shared them with Chachi BT.
  • She asked Chachi BT to write a quiz around her marketing superpower.
  • Sophia guided Chachi BT on the tone and voice of the quiz.
  • Sophia recommends defining your point of view before using Chachi BT.
  • She suggests asking questions like what common beliefs you disagree with, what prospective shifts your clients need, etc.

Building Personal Brand and Human-to-Human Connection

15:20 - 20:27

  • Define your message before using Chatchibouti to amplify it.
  • Personal brand is important as Chatchibouti becomes more prevalent in the online space.
  • People want to invest in people, not just results.
  • Strengthening personal brands and putting faces on camera will help fulfill human-to-human connection needs.
  • Building a personal brand doesn't mean changing personality, but investigating what it means for you.
  • As AI becomes more prevalent, human-to-human connection will be even more important.
  • Ask followers why they follow you to understand how people are connecting with you and cultivate your personal brand accordingly.

Creating Effective Content with Chatshope T

20:11 - 22:13

  • To create effective content with Chatch EPT, focus on your point of view and personal brand.
  • Revisit your messaging and opinions to create a clear direction for your content.
  • Use the 20 prompts provided in the guide to punch up your message with Chatshope T.
  • The prompts are not designed to have Chat GPT do all the work for you, but rather help you get specific and clear on the direction you're going.
  • Visit for the guide.