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The Problem With Jon Stewart

Group Therapy: Talking WWIII, Lab Leaks, and Pedro Pascal

Wed Mar 01 2023
  • The hosts discuss upcoming topics for their show, including crime and guns, and criticize the lack of curiosity in the news media.
  • They highlight the need for stricter gun regulations across the country and express concern about the abundance of guns leading to domestic disputes and endangering law enforcement.
  • The escalating tension with China is a cause for concern, and there is an inability to discuss important issues without falling into political allegiances.
  • The media's weaponization of narratives prevents conversations about important issues such as American infrastructure.
  • The current system prioritizes the military and media industrial complexes, contributing to the escalation of global tensions.
  • War is inevitable when more money is put into military than diplomacy, and negotiations have a bad reputation.
  • China's Belt and Road initiative is a threat to American economic hegemony, and there are similarities between international fights and domestic fights over Republican narratives.
  • "The Problem" is a show airing on Apple TV+ starting March 3rd.