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Here’s how Hong Kong is opening up to crypto

Sat Jun 03 2023
  • Hong Kong is becoming a leading destination for crypto in Asia with the approval of retail crypto trading and the implementation of a virtual asset service provider licensing regime.
  • Despite regulatory openness, crypto startups in Hong Kong face challenges with banking support.
  • Asian markets are seeing growth in both gaming and financial use cases for crypto, with many large exchanges based in Asia.
  • Mobile-based games targeted at Southeast Asia are being developed by many crypto companies due to higher consumer behavior and receptiveness to new applications in the region.
  • China is opening up to blockchain but not cryptocurrency, while large funds are being raised in Asia for investing in crypto.
  • Family office wealth plays a significant role in the capital for long-tail funds in the crypto industry.
  • Decentralized exchanges are gaining market share compared to centralized exchanges, but regulation remains unclear.
  • Regulators face challenges in controlling DeFi, which is difficult to ban.
  • The speaker is excited about investing in founders who are building zero to one use cases that enable behavior that was not possible before, especially in Asia.