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High-Performance Digital Marketing Podcast

How £1M+ Businesses use ChatGPT

Mon Jun 05 2023

Advanced chat sheet BT prompts

00:00 - 04:58

  • Can help with marketing activities to earn or convert traffic
  • Some prompts can produce results that kill your business

Chat GPT for marketing tasks

00:00 - 04:58

  • Can be used on a daily basis to help with marketing tasks
  • Great prompting techniques can be used to get better than generic output
  • Content needs to be better than what AI can produce, according to Rand Fishkin
  • Chat at GPT produced content can contain a lot of generic information and the tone of voice doesn't match your business
  • Produce stuff which is a useful starting point that you can then edit and work with
  • The power of these tools is incredible but it has to be used in the right way
  • Output is only as good as the prompt. A more advanced prompt with much more context is going to get you a much better result
  • There are loads of template prompts out there that marketers can use and share. There is also a formula that you can use to create your own prompts too
  • Start by explaining our task and being really clear about what we want that task to be, but we also need to explain the goal. If you explain the goal as well as the task that you're asking Chat GBT to produce, then you're going to get much better output

Creating content with curiosity gap

04:31 - 09:29

  • Creating a curiosity gap in the introduction of a blog post can lead to better results
  • Aleda Solis' 5W's and H framework is useful for creating content. The prompts include task, where it will be used, how it should be formatted, target audience, why it's being used, and when it will be used
  • Using the 5W's and H framework on a blog introduction can improve its quality

Using Chat GPT for digital PR

09:05 - 13:59

  • Use chatgbt to identify and use your tone of voice
  • Analyze text for style and tone of voice, then apply it to future responses
  • Collaborate with Chatty BT to combine knowledge from different areas into something new and original
  • Use chat GPT to help identify angles for digital PR outreach
  • Digital PR is a fantastic way of getting links and will be important in the future of search where generative AI is built into search results pages
  • Chat GPT can suggest publications in your industry that could be worth getting featured in based on your business, product or target audience
  • Check the quality and relevance of suggested sites before doing outreach
  • Brainstorm ideas for 'Ditch Up Your Heart' campaigns using chat GPT

Creating content for PR campaigns

13:30 - 18:30

  • Good content is necessary to get featured in publications and attract links
  • Content should be relevant to both the publication and target audience
  • Chat GPT can help brainstorm ideas for PR campaigns that create a curiosity gap
  • Secure Their Futures campaign involves partnering with parenting influencers or celebrities to share stories about securing their child's future
  • Life Worth Interactive Calculator is an online calculator that estimates how much life insurance users might need based on their data. It can provide original first-party data for digital PR campaigns
  • Chat GPT can also summarize long documents like press releases by identifying key points that will appeal to the target audience
  • Exposure Ninja's blog post about AI integration was analyzed using chat GPT, which identified five key points appealing to marketing managers for social media promotion

AI integration in content creation

18:03 - 22:48

  • AI integration provides cost saving, speed improvement and quality output to clients
  • Human expertise is important in strategic tasks like editing, fact-checking and refinement of AI generated content
  • Exposure Ninja helps clients get the best from AI while using their expertise to work with businesses in almost every imaginable market
  • Creating content for product and category pages can be done using AI prompts as a starting point
  • Tinker with the prompt to adapt it to your brand's tone of voice
  • Don't compromise on brand tone of voice just for the sake of speed

Improving website content with Chat GBT

22:30 - 27:33

  • Don't compromise on the tone of your brand for the sake of speed
  • Generic AI sounding copy can make people numb to your brand
  • Create an FAQ section with SERPs and rich result guidelines in mind
  • Program chat GPT with context about your business and areas of law
  • Editing time approximately doubles, but total output increases by 13-50%
  • Arrange blog titles in tabular form by intent to identify content gaps
  • Use existing content table to generate ideas for new content

Generating blog titles and email subject lines

27:07 - 32:11

  • Use Chat GBT to identify content gaps in your website and suggest blog titles
  • Blog titles should be presented in tabular form and categorized into intent, informational, commercial, and transactional
  • Chat GBT can also help create a curiosity gap in the audience's minds
  • Write 10 email subject lines or blog titles with a curiosity gap that discusses the topic
  • ADA funnel is a way of identifying the questions and thought process before purchasing a product or service
  • Split ADA funnel into sections such as attention, interest, desire, action
  • Arrange content based on ADA funnel to think through the inner argument of customers before buying

Using Chat GBT for lead magnets and CTAs

31:47 - 36:15

  • The subject is about transforming audio experience with an ultra-light noise-canceling microphone
  • The prompt is split into sections, attention, interest, desire, and action
  • Chat GBT can produce average marketing content that can be a good starting point for entry-level marketers
  • However, it may not be enough to cut through in a competitive market as AI lacks the same understanding of the audience and business as humans do
  • Chat GBT can create a first draft of a lead magnet in the form of a checklist or ebook that can be used by the target audience to help them achieve their desired outcome
  • An example given is creating a lead magnet in the form of a checklist for holiday goers with small children to plan a one-week trip abroad to a hot country
  • Chat GBT produced an accurate guide on destination research, travel documentation, and other tips for planning such trips

Limitations of AI in content creation

35:50 - 40:39

  • AI can be used to generate lead magnets that are tailored to the target audience
  • The AI-generated guide provides accurate recommendations for choosing a family-friendly hot country destination, researching weather conditions and average temperature, and looking for family-oriented accommodation and attractions
  • The guide also recommends checking travel documentation, visa requirements, and applying if necessary
  • The AI-generated checklist can act as inspiration for other content ideas such as health and vaccination requirements when traveling to a particular country
  • CTAs are crucial in the conversion stage of any marketing strategy. AI can help create advanced CTAs that emphasize value over action
  • Examples of CTAs generated by AI include 'unleash your productivity with our refreshing fuel', 'fuel your workday with our natural energy elixir', 'stay focused, stay energized', and 'experience the natural power surge'
  • There is an angle to explore in using CTAs that emphasize unlocking one's true potential when struggling with lack of energy at work
  • While AI has great potential in generating content ideas and improving conversions through advanced CTAs, there are limitations to its capabilities

Building buyer personas with AI

40:23 - 45:34

  • AI can be used to create advanced buyer personas based on target demographics and industry information
  • Chat GBT can fabricate a convincing looking advanced biopersona in seconds, but it is not accurate
  • The information provided by Chat GBT is based on estimates and could be well off the mark
  • The illusion of exact numbers in marketing makes people think that an exact number means it must be measured and accurate
  • The best buyer personas are based on existing customers and market research to build a persona that relates to your business and target audience
  • Without speaking to your customers, Chat GPT cannot build a proper buyer persona

Using AI in content creation

45:13 - 46:58

  • The best buyer personas are based on existing customers and market research
  • Chat GPT cannot build a proper buyer persona without speaking to customers
  • Chat GPT has limitations and dangers, and marketers should not trust it more than their own judgment
  • Marketers should always default to their understanding of their products, services, and customers to ensure accuracy in decision-making
  • Chat GPT is a great tool for generating ideas, inspiration, and first drafts
  • Everything produced by Chat GPT should pass through an experienced marketer before publishing or making decisions based on it