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How to Create an ABM Tech Stack

Wed Jun 28 2023
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The episode covers the importance of building an ABM TechStack around CRM, utilizing intent platforms for customer engagement information, leveraging automation platforms for marketing automation, and using outbounding tools for personalized outreach. It also emphasizes the role of metrics management platforms in advanced reporting and the effectiveness of advertising as a boost. Process design is highlighted as a crucial step before implementing technology in ABM. The episode discusses the challenges of data management and reporting, including the use of Snowflake as a source of truth and Power BI for customized reporting. It emphasizes the importance of having the right information at the right time and making decisions with available data. The episode also explores the limitations of ABM platforms, the need for flexibility and innovation in technology adoption, and the significance of understanding target markets. Additionally, it touches on revenue operations in SaaS environments, providing insights from the winning by design methodology and highlighting the importance of building relationships and staying updated with industry changes.


ABM TechStack

Building an ABM TechStack around CRM as the main source of truth is essential. Intent platforms, automation platforms, outbounding tools, and metrics management platforms play key roles in ABM strategies.

Data Management and Reporting

Snowflake serves as the source of truth for pulling information from Salesforce and other sources. Power BI enables customized reporting and analysis. Having enough quality data at hand is more important than striving for perfection.

ABM Platforms and Innovation

ABM platforms may not always meet expectations, so it's important to have a flexible toolkit. Loosely coupled systems allow for experimentation. Being innovative and understanding target markets are crucial for effective ABM programs.

Revenue Operations in SaaS

The winning by design methodology provides insights into revenue operations in SaaS environments. Building relationships and staying updated with industry changes are key for B2B marketers and revenue operations teams.


  1. ABM TechStack
  2. Data Management and Reporting
  3. ABM Platforms and Innovation
  4. Revenue Operations in SaaS

ABM TechStack

00:02 - 08:31

  • ABM TechStack can be built around CRM as the main source of truth
  • Intent platforms like G2, TrustRadius, Demandbase, and 6sense provide information about customer/prospect engagement
  • Automation platforms like HubSpot or Pardot are essential for marketing automation
  • Outbounding tools like Outbound or SalesLoft enable personalized outreach
  • Metrics management platforms like Snowflake and Power BI help pull data from various systems for advanced reporting
  • Advertising is not a core component of ABM strategy but can be effective as a boost
  • Process design should come before technology in ABM implementation
  • A hub and spoke configuration is recommended to connect all systems into one
  • Salesforce serves as the central location for core data in ABM programs

Data Management and Reporting

08:05 - 15:54

  • Snowflake is the source of truth for pulling information from Salesforce and other source points.
  • Salesforce contains core data like accounts and contacts, while Snowflake holds additional data from HubSpot or advertising platforms.
  • Power BI reports aggregate data from different sources, allowing users to access detailed information below the summarized level in Salesforce.
  • Maintaining the source of truth while avoiding data silos is a challenge.
  • Having enough quality data at hand to make operational decisions is more important than striving for perfection.
  • Flexibility in customizing reporting and analysis tools allows for addressing specific business needs and challenges.
  • Data sitting outside of Salesforce is collected, summarized, and integrated into the CRM system as needed.
  • The key is having the right information in the right place at the right time to make informed decisions.
  • Making a decision with available data today is often more effective than waiting for perfect data in the future.
  • Enriching primary sources of truth or updating processes can be done based on exceptions or further analysis of imperfect decisions.
  • Snowflake and Power BI are used for visualization purposes, providing flexibility in reporting and analysis customization.

ABM Platforms and Innovation

15:25 - 23:00

  • The promise of ABM platforms to provide a full view of the account doesn't always meet expectations.
  • Technology is constantly changing, so it's important to have a flexible toolkit rather than relying on a single vendor.
  • Loosely coupled systems allow for more flexibility and experimentation.
  • One common mistake is being too reliant on technology and not being innovative or open to trying new things.
  • Understanding your target market and how they buy is crucial for building an effective ABM program.

Revenue Operations in SaaS

22:46 - 27:00

  • The winning by design methodology is a comprehensive resource for understanding revenue operations in modern SaaS environments.
  • The key advice for B2B marketers and revenue operations teams is to build better relationships with their teams and understand how the organization works.
  • Pete Laar, who runs Conversion XL, is an influencer in the RevOps space worth following.
  • The speed of change in the industry is exciting, as competitors are always on your heels and technology is constantly evolving.