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Growth Colony: Australia's B2B Growth Podcast

How to Use ChatGPT in Your B2B Marketing Strategy

Wed May 10 2023

Generative AI tools at App Premo

00:02 - 06:29

  • Generative AI tools like chatGPT are being used by the marketing team at App Premo for various purposes such as email subject lines, building cadences and messaging.
  • Prompt snippets have been added to brand guidelines to create reusable building blocks for the rest of the organization.
  • ChatGPT is used to generate a framework for outbound cadences, call scripts, email messages, social touches etc. based on a general framework provided by the business development function.
  • The generated framework is then tested through AB testing and variations are made accordingly.
  • Training has been provided to ensure that the team is well-versed in leveraging chatGPT.

Practical application of Chat GPT

06:13 - 12:06

  • The team experimented with Chat GPT for fun and then moved to practical application.
  • They manage their business with objectives and key results, and the first quarter of the year had the team explicitly use Chat GPT to find value.
  • They have started implementing policies around usage, which is becoming more formalized.
  • Real-time sharing across the team of how it's being leveraged use cases, successes.
  • There were no external trainings or resources used; they self-educated by watching videos and aggregating all knowledge locally.
  • Early stage ideation for pretty much anything is a fantastic co-pilot. It can help generate ideas for outbound marketing, blogs, call scripts, etc.
  • It can produce a full content calendar on specific topics and fully tailor a message based on a persona in your ideal customer profile.
  • It has tremendous utility to take a message and tailor it specifically for who you're going after so that it resonates and hits on their specific pain points.

Message personalization and customization with Chat GPT

11:48 - 17:40

  • Chat GPT allows for message personalization and customization through API integration.
  • Pre-mow is used for digital asset management and workflow variations of copy are created within it.
  • Human touch is given to synthetic or machine-generated content that needs review.
  • Prompt overlays in Chat GPT provide predefined prompt management for various use cases, scenarios, and personas.
  • Prompt snippets include body copy, tech, product descriptions, target individuals, specific tone, etc. as per brand guidelines.
  • Chet GPT helps with modular content strategy by keeping translated body copy within a certain number of characters.
  • Translation into 50 languages is possible with Chat GPT prompts.

Key considerations when using Chat GPT

17:20 - 23:24

  • Experimentation is key when using chat GPT or another generative AI platform.
  • Leaders should give permission to experiment and have discussions across teams as this technology changes roles and frees up time for more human-like tasks such as strategy and creativity.
  • One mistake made early on was not keeping the AI on track by constantly bringing it back to the goal.
  • Integration into existing platforms is an exciting area for chat GPT use, allowing for augmentation and aid of existing capabilities.
  • The idea of being able to train on a single tenant is also exciting, allowing for private training environments.

Other generative AI platforms and future possibilities

22:54 - 28:57

  • AI platform offers single tenant training of a learning model
  • Other generative AI platforms include Mid Journey and Dolly
  • Multi-modal generative AI platforms are also interesting
  • Generative AI will lead to programmatic content generation and management
  • Content storage costs will be managed programmatically as well
  • Confronting issues early is important for B2B marketers to avoid bigger problems later

Additional insights for B2B marketers

28:29 - 31:32

  • Confront small problems early before they become big.
  • Robert Rose is a great influencer to follow in the B2B marketing space.
  • Intent data is still exciting for revenue and growth-driven marketers.