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F1: Beyond The Grid

Lando Norris: driving McLaren’s revival

Tue Jul 04 2023
Lando NorrisMcLarenFormula OneSilverstoneBritish Grand PrixFan InteractionsChallengesUpgradesStrugglesPressureLewis HamiltonSocial MediaDeterminationRelationships
  1. Lando Norris' Dreams and Mentality
  2. Silverstone and British Grand Prix
  3. Fan Interactions and Track Description
  4. Challenges and Upgrades at Silverstone
  5. Struggles and Focus on the Present
  6. Living in the Present and Dealing with Pressure
  7. Lewis Hamilton's Social Media Reach and Mindset
  8. Lando Norris' Determination and Relationships
  9. Upcoming Content and Guests

The episode covers Lando Norris' dreams and mentality, his experiences at Silverstone and the British Grand Prix, fan interactions and track description, challenges and upgrades at Silverstone, struggles and focus on the present, living in the present and dealing with pressure, Lewis Hamilton's social media reach and mindset, Lando Norris' determination and relationships, and upcoming content and guests.

Lando Norris' Dreams and Mentality

00:07 - 06:51

  • Lando Norris dreams of winning with McLaren in Formula One.
  • He believes he doesn't need to change his mentality to succeed.
  • Norris is learning to ignore negativity and focus on his goals.

Silverstone and British Grand Prix

00:07 - 06:51

  • The Austrian Grand Prix marked a potential revival for McLaren.
  • Norris used to care too much about what people think, but now he enjoys reading both good and bad things about himself.
  • Silverstone is Norris' favorite circuit and the British Grand Prix makes him smile the most.
  • The support from fans at Silverstone motivates Norris while racing.
  • Norris first visited Silverstone in 2017 when he joined McLaren, but had been there earlier as a kid for GB3 and GB2 races.
  • During the British Grand Prix weekend, Norris stays at the Hilton hotel due to media commitments and interviews.
  • He plans to experience the campsite next year.

Fan Interactions and Track Description

06:26 - 12:43

  • Fans give gifts like bracelets, baby names, and food, but the most memorable are the bracelets.
  • Being on the fan stage and hearing chants of 'Lando' is an insane feeling.
  • Lando enjoys creating memories and looking back on them through his JPG page.
  • The F1 movie being filmed at Silverstone is a cool opportunity to be part of history.
  • Describing a lap at Silverstone, Lando mentions fast corners like Maggots and Becketts.
  • Cops corner requires commitment due to high speeds and potential consequences.
  • Lando always pushes himself by asking if someone else would do it better or faster.
  • Slow sections in the arena complex are more annoying than the fast corners.

Challenges and Upgrades at Silverstone

12:24 - 18:34

  • Focus on slow speed corners for better lap times
  • Silverstone can be challenging due to wind and open track
  • McLaren has upgrades for Silverstone race
  • Hopes for a better result at home race
  • Car's performance in high-speed corners is crucial
  • Confidence from good performance in Barcelona
  • Unlucky moments and budget cap affecting competitiveness
  • Toughest start to a Formula One season for the driver

Struggles and Focus on the Present

18:15 - 24:49

  • Feeling far away from first win compared to a year ago
  • Struggling to get in the top 10 after previously being close to success
  • Formula One is not as simple as it seems, luck plays a big role
  • Being patient is important in Formula One
  • Respect for George Russell's win in Brazil last year
  • Upgrades and technical signings at McLaren will have an effect
  • Not too caught up with what's happened or what will happen, focused on the present

Living in the Present and Dealing with Pressure

24:29 - 30:26

  • The driver lives in the present and finds excitement in it.
  • There is no official designation of number one or number two driver in McLaren.
  • The speaker considers himself a more experienced senior driver.
  • He feels responsible for guiding the team and has stepped up to that role.
  • There is inevitable pressure as the only driver, but it motivates rather than affects him negatively.
  • Pressure is a part of Formula One, and the speaker has learned to deal with it.
  • He enjoys the support from fans but admits to being introverted and not comfortable with crowds.
  • The speaker believes that drivers don't need to be extroverts to perform well on track.
  • He focuses on doing his best without feeling the need to prove anything beyond that.

Lewis Hamilton's Social Media Reach and Mindset

30:11 - 36:29

  • Lewis Hamilton discusses his reach on social media, with over 6 million followers on Instagram and 2.5 million on Twitter.
  • He acknowledges the importance of using social media to support charity and share his views, but doesn't necessarily enjoy being called famous or a celebrity.
  • Hamilton admits that he used to care too much about what people think of him, but now he finds amusement in reading negative comments and feels sorry for those who write them.
  • He tries to ignore the impact of negativity and focuses on being honest and true to himself.
  • Hamilton believes that in today's world, people are expected to have opinions that everyone agrees with, but he chooses to express his own thoughts regardless of others' reactions.
  • When asked about advice for kids regarding social media, Hamilton says it's hard to predict the future landscape of social media and believes that going through hard times is necessary for personal growth.
  • He plans to be a strict dad and pass down the values instilled by his parents.
  • Hamilton concludes by saying he will do his best as a parent.

Lando Norris' Determination and Relationships

36:03 - 42:31

  • Lando believes that going through hard times is necessary for personal growth and learning.
  • He describes his new teammate Oscar Piastri as down-to-earth and someone who loves to drive cars and compete.
  • Lando feels that the age gap between him and Daniel Ricciardo created a different dynamic compared to his relationship with Oscar.
  • He prioritizes spending time with family and friends over computer activities.
  • Lando remains determined to become a world champion and win for his team, McLaren.

Upcoming Content and Guests

42:03 - 42:38

  • F1 Nation's review of the Austrian Grand Prix is out now.
  • McLaren team principal Andrea Stella joins to reflect on Lando's impressive weekend at the Red Bull Ring.
  • This week's Formula Y podcast is all about wind tunnels, and that's out on Friday.
  • Next week, another great guest from the world of Formula One will join.