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F1: Beyond The Grid

Logan Sargeant: the USA's new F1 star

Tue May 30 2023
  • Logan Sargent, the first American Formula One driver in eight years, has proven his racing credentials and emphasizes the mental game of F1.
  • Monaco requires a unique approach, pushing outside of one's comfort zone can lead to growth, and the adjustment to F1 involves maximizing car performance while striving to perform well.
  • Small mistakes or margins can make a big difference in F1, confidence and understanding of tools are crucial, and the guest started karting as a fun activity that eventually led to national and international racing.
  • Moving to Europe for racing was a serious decision for the family, but it made sense as there was business there. The goal of racing in F1 wasn't set from the beginning, but racing in Europe provided a higher level of competition and was seen as the route to F1.
  • The interviewee felt that there was a bias against American racers in Europe but had supportive teams throughout their career. Mental clarity is key to performing well, and limited interaction with other drivers on the grid is due to busy schedules.
  • MoneyGram now allows cash in and out of select digital wallets at participating locations without a bank credit or debit card. Two professional racers, Oscar Piaestri and the speaker, are friends with a healthy competitive rivalry. Despite being level on points going into the last race at Mojo, there was no tension or disrespect between the two teammates.
  • The speaker reflects on a disappointing end to a championship race but is still proud of their performance throughout the season. After taking a break from driving for several months, they were signed by Williams. The Williams Academy offers young drivers support and opportunities to learn from experienced drivers and engineers.
  • When giving feedback to engineers, it's important to be efficient and focus on main issues such as tire behavior and limitations. The speaker struggles with combining braking and turning into corners without locking up the front tires.
  • The team's leader attends all engineering meetings, providing valuable input. Logan's goals for the season include getting comfortable in the car and extracting maximum performance, with Silverstone being a track where he expects to do well.
  • Fans have been sending in their thoughts and stories about Logan, and the host encourages listeners to check out other F1 podcasts available and reminds them to send in their thoughts about Logan for next week's show.