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MicroConf On Air

MicroConf Tactics: 8 Major Opportunities to use ChatGPT in your SaaS

Wed May 31 2023

Chat GPT and AI in Customer Support

00:08 - 05:51

  • Chat GPT is a chat interface over the OpenAI project.
  • Building a tool for existing customers to help themselves is an opportunity to use AI.
  • Anywhere your customer has to write something, AI can create multiple suggestions to choose from and/or edit.
  • Using AI to draft cold emails and outbound LinkedIn outreach can save time with your cold outreach efforts.
  • Today, cold email and LinkedIn outreach is basically generated by a template and human personalized if at all.
  • AI could take a first crack at generating personalized draft emails based on templates for every individual on your email list.
  • Think about how you can use AI in your SaaS application to make it more powerful for your customers.
  • Make this little tool, this summarizer that writes a video script or that writes subject lines, a free tool and do engineering as marketing.

AI in Knowledge Base and Support Tools

05:22 - 10:35

  • A custom knowledge base service could be created to answer questions about products or other departments within a company by slurping in everything from an internal corpus.
  • A support tool that uses external and internal knowledge bases to chat with customers and create drafts of response emails could be developed as an internal support resource.

AI in Transcription and Code Generation

05:22 - 10:35

  • Transcripts can be turned into readable prose using AI that learns the writing style of the speaker.
  • A tool that writes domain-specific code could be built to make developers more productive and build less buggy software.

AI in Sales and Data Analysis

10:06 - 13:33

  • AI can help answer questions about customer needs and feature prioritization.
  • AI can analyze sales call transcripts to improve demos, train new salespeople, and identify best practices.
  • Most departments in companies have a need to turn large amounts of data into actionable insights.

Integrating with OpenAI

10:06 - 13:33

  • When introducing new tech like AI, don't make rash moves or change your roadmap unless there's a massive opportunity.
  • The corpus of text including audio or video transcripts is the key for AI to absorb and answer questions about it.
  • Avoid spending months developing obvious ideas that will likely be open sourced later for free.
  • Focus on hard problems and domain-specific problems that are less likely to be open sourced and provide a competitive advantage.
  • Integrating with OpenAI to suggest email subject lines could be an interesting experiment.