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The School of Greatness

Noah Beck’s Business & Life Lessons From The World’s Biggest Male TikTok Star EP 1467

Wed Jul 12 2023
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The episode covers a range of topics including personal growth, relationships, navigating success and insecurities in the entertainment industry, launching a brand, and leaving behind three truths. It explores the impact of social media on young individuals, the challenges of being in a public relationship, and the complexity of self-reflection. The episode concludes with insights on finding happiness, sharing talents, protecting peace, and defining greatness.


Navigating Success and Insecurities

The speaker reflects on their journey from getting injured playing football to pursuing a career in entertainment. They discuss the challenges of gaining popularity in an era of cancel culture and extreme criticism. Despite their success and fame, they admit to experiencing moments of insecurity and imposter syndrome.

Relationships in the Public Eye

The speaker shares their experience of being in a public relationship at a young age and the challenges it brought. They discuss the importance of setting boundaries, focusing on personal growth, and seeking therapy. The speaker also reflects on the complexities of navigating relationships and self-reflection.

Launching a Brand

Noah discusses the launch of his genderless underwear brand, Efis. He emphasizes the importance of promoting something he is passionate about and seeking advice from mentors. Noah aims to build a community that fosters inclusivity and love through his brand.

Leaving Behind Three Truths

The episode concludes with three truths: do what makes you happy, don't keep your talents hidden, and protect your peace. The speaker emphasizes the importance of maintaining a positive mindset, sharing talents, finding inner peace, and defining greatness.


  1. Join the Summit of Greatness in Columbus, Ohio
  2. The Impact of Social Media on Young Individuals
  3. Navigating Success and Insecurities in the Entertainment Industry
  4. Relationships and Personal Growth in the Public Eye
  5. Navigating the Complexity of Relationships and Self-Reflection
  6. Finding Personal Growth and Building a Brand
  7. Launching the Efis Apparel Brand
  8. Leaving Behind Three Truths and Defining Greatness

Join the Summit of Greatness in Columbus, Ohio

00:01 - 07:08

  • Unleash your true greatness
  • Expect inspiring speakers like Inky Johnson, Jaspri Singh, Vanessa Van Edwards, Jen Sinzhero, and more
  • Engage in live music, group workouts, and connect with others at the summit

The Impact of Social Media on Young Individuals

06:39 - 13:04

  • Social media has both positive and negative impacts on young individuals
  • People will do anything for likes and clicks, but I won't take advantage of that
  • Views and algorithms have changed over time, and it's easy to feel spoiled by past success
  • My content now is more authentic and catered to a specific audience compared to before

Relationships and Personal Growth in the Public Eye

18:49 - 32:19

  • The best part of being in a public relationship is understanding each other's experiences with online hate
  • The biggest challenge of being in a public relationship is dealing with everyone's opinions and comments
  • The speaker and the girl hit it off quickly and started dating at 19
  • Being in a public relationship at a young age attracted negative attention on social media
  • Everyone had a say in their relationship, regardless of who they were or what they knew about them
  • The breakup was difficult because of the strong bond they had and the vision of marriage that was once shared
  • Both individuals have a lot of growing to do, as their careers have stunted normal experiences for a 19-year-old
  • Moving to Hollywood was different from what they expected, as they already had success before moving there
  • The speaker dropped a Division I Full Ride scholarship to pursue their career in Hollywood
  • Advice for entering a relationship at 19: protect yourself and take it slow
  • Being constantly available for someone can be taken advantage of
  • Being a giver can lead to unspoken expectations and disappointment
  • Learned from sad breakups how to create better boundaries and communicate consciously
  • Focusing on personal vision first before the relationship
  • Realizing that you can't make your partner happy, they have to focus on their own happiness
  • Acknowledging the importance of therapy in processing emotions and learning new tools
  • Considering taking space and time to focus on oneself and career before entering another relationship

Finding Personal Growth and Building a Brand

31:49 - 45:22

  • Taking it slow in a relationship is important and can lead to finding each other at the right time
  • Putting yourself first and taking a step back is necessary for personal growth
  • Being fully committed to your vision and mission is attractive to women
  • Supporting one another's individual lives while coming together as a couple is ideal
  • Kindness wins in the end, but it's about evolving rather than changing
  • Making your health and mission a priority can positively impact relationships
  • Finding wisdom and experience appealing, especially from older friends and companions
  • The launch of an apparel brand called Efis or Ifus, offering genderless undergarments

Launching the Efis Apparel Brand

38:25 - 57:47

  • Noah recently launched his apparel brand called Efis, which offers genderless undergarments and is made for everyone
  • The brand aims to build a community that fosters inclusivity and love
  • The first campaign shoot was inspired by Greek mythology, with the story of Efie's representing love conquering all and gender fluidity
  • Efis currently offers two designs of underwear: the heritage and the classic
  • Noah's idea for creating an underwear brand stemmed from wanting to promote something he owned and was passionate about in his content organically
  • He sought advice from mentors on how to start a business and took a hands-on approach in creating the brand
  • Noah hopes that people will buy the product for its quality without even knowing he is involved with it
  • Efis officially launched on June 6th, with the website being the platform to purchase the products

Leaving Behind Three Truths and Defining Greatness

44:57 - 1:03:49

  • Three truths to leave behind when all your content is gone: do what makes you happy, don't keep your talents hidden, protect your peace
  • Positive mindset and doing what makes you happy can resonate with others
  • Sharing your talents brings potential joy to the world
  • Finding something that brings you peace and applying it to your life is important
  • Definition of greatness: applying yourself every day to be the best version of yourself while also having fun