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F1: Beyond The Grid

'Pressure and power' - this week on BTG...

Mon Jun 19 2023

Giancarlo Fisichella's First Race with Ferrari in Monza

00:03 - 01:43

  • Fisichella talks about his first race with Ferrari in Monza and how it was his dream since he was young.

Teammates with Fernando Alonso at Renault

00:03 - 01:43

  • Fisichella shares insight into what it was like being teammates with Fernando Alonso at Renault.
  • He explains how he helped the Spaniard win his two world championships.

Sensational Pole Position and Podium for Force India at Belgium in 2009

00:03 - 01:43

  • Fisichella relives his sensational pole position and podium for Underdog's force India at Belgium in 2009.

In-Depth Conversation with Giancarlo Fisichella

00:03 - 01:43

  • This week's F1 beyond the grid is an in-depth conversation with Giancarlo Fisichella, a three-time Grand Prix winner and fan favourite.