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One Sweet Dream: A Beatles Podcast

Revisiting RAM. Engineer Eirik Wangberg On The Making of RAM: "His Spirit Was Free"

Wed May 03 2023
  • Eric Wangberg worked with Paul and Linda McCartney during the recording of Ram, portraying McCartney as deeply emotional, raw, authentic, and present while creating his masterpiece album.
  • Paul preferred to work alone with minimal distractions and could lose his temper when pushed. Linda was always present, taking care of Paul's needs and they were a close couple.
  • Ram was a mixture of joy, anger, and heartbreak, but it was an honest piece of work that has stood the test of time.
  • Paul McCartney was trying to forge a new sound separate from the Beatles, which took some time for people to appreciate. During this period in LA, his spirit was free and he made music that came from his inner soul.
  • Linda McCartney played a key role in helping Paul McCartney move on from the Beatles and focus on his solo career. She offered ideas and feedback while also being supportive of Paul's artistic endeavors.
  • The album tells a personal story of Paul's life after the breakup of the Beatles and his freedom to create what he wanted. Despite negative reviews from critics, public opinion matters more than expert opinions in the music world.
  • Paul McCartney is simple in his way of writing music but very creative, and he has a vision for his songs. He can play all instruments, compose lyrics, and create various types of music.
  • The wooden panel used in the recording process of "Backseat of My Car" added a jumping sound that represented anger. The album Ram was sequenced by Eric Blackstead, who received full control from Paul McCartney and Linda McCartney.
  • Despite being a confident musician, Paul McCartney is also very sensitive and feels his notes and music. He accepted everything that Eric Wayne brought to the table while working on Uncle Albert.
  • During recording sessions, McCartney had two setups so he could switch between songs and compose new music on the spot. He preferred to have private time to recharge after parties with Linda.
  • Paul and Linda borrowed a dog from a friend while in LA, treated it to steak every day, and even had it in the studio during recording sessions. Despite some fighting songs towards John Lennon, deep down they were like family and any anger stemmed from that familial bond.