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Firefish Recruitment Podcast

S5 E5 - ChatGPT for Recruitment Agencies with Firefish CEO Wendy McDougall

Fri May 12 2023

Introduction to Chat GPT in Recruitment

00:05 - 06:22

  • The podcast is about chat GPT from recruitment agencies with Firefish CEO Wendy McDougall.
  • Chat GPT can make recruitment agencies more efficient overnight.
  • AI has been around for a long time, but it's exploding right now due to chat GPT making it accessible to everyone.
  • The global AI market is currently worth 136 billion and is expected to grow by 38% this year alone.
  • Chat GPT has quickly gained popularity, reaching 100 million users in just two months.
  • A poll was conducted during the podcast to determine how many people have heard of or used chat GPT in recruitment.
  • The podcast aims to teach listeners how chat GPT can be applied in recruitment.

Using Chat GPT in Recruitment

06:04 - 12:22

  • Chat GPT is a recruitment tool that can replace jobs, so recruiters need to get ahead of the game.
  • The top 20 jobs that Chat GPT thinks it will be able to do include recruitment.
  • Prompting is important for being clear and specific about what you want from the software.
  • To use Chat GPT, go to and sign up for free or pay £20/month for better availability.
  • A new recruitment agency called Amazing Recruiters was launched using Chat GPT.
  • Chat GPT generated an About Us page and SEO phrases for the website in seconds.
  • Blog topics were suggested by Chat GPT to target IT managers at Scottish start-ups.

Content Generation and Outreach

11:54 - 20:25

  • Generated blog topics for start-up Scottish businesses targeting IT and technology companies
  • Requested a 200-word blog on top marketing strategies for tech startups with an angle of providing marketeers
  • Rewrote the topic to focus on influencing marketing and interacted with the tool to adjust the writing style
  • Received three Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook posts for the blog with emojis added to make them more engaging
  • Asked for an outreach program to promote the blog to IT directors and generate business for a recruitment agency
  • Started a new chat to request a job advert looking for a data migrator who can manage multiple projects and cleanse customer data

Job Advert Creation and Candidate Assessment

20:01 - 27:11

  • A good advert for a data migrator job is created with required skills and project completion time.
  • The Boolean search string is automatically generated to find candidates from the CRM.
  • Interview questions and answers are provided for the role of data migrator.
  • A candidate profile is analyzed to determine if they are suitable for the job.
  • An email or LinkedIn message can be written to approach the candidate using Farfishes' learned writing style.
  • Meeting and assessing cultural fit of the candidate is critical in making a placement.
  • With more content available, it becomes important to differentiate by providing quality service.

Impact of J-GPT in Recruitment

26:42 - 33:00

  • J-GPT has made it easy to get content out and do more in-mails, leading to more candidates for the same or different jobs.
  • The middle part of recruitment will become critical as clients can easily replicate what recruiters are doing.
  • Candidates can use J-GPT to write a CV and apply for jobs, even if they don't know what to write about.
  • Recruiters will receive better CVs from candidates who may not know how to do the job but have access to better job adverts.
  • Nine out of ten organizations are using EI for a competitive edge over rivals. If recruiters don't embrace this technology, they will fall behind.
  • Recruiters should encourage their team members to learn about J-GPT and actively use it to cut down on admin tasks and improve efficiency.

Chat GPT API Integration and Other Features

32:41 - 38:25

  • Chat GPT API integration is now available through Azure, ensuring that client data is not pushed back into Chat GPT.
  • Using AI-generated content for blogs and website content may not be unique, but it can be tweaked to make it so.
  • Different answers are generated by Chat GPT even when asked the same question by different people.
  • Fish in the company have used Chat GPT to write songs with Firefish puns.
  • The first two touchpoints being built into the system are writing ad work and boolean searching interview questions to help junior recruiters learn what they should be doing.
  • Beta testing for Farfish integration will begin in four to six weeks.
  • 'People GPT' is an interesting extension of Chat GPT that allows users to search for companies based on prompts.

Upcoming Beta Integration and Recommendations

37:58 - 40:15

  • Beta integration will be live in the next 4-6 weeks.
  • Account managers and support team will provide links for voting and beta testing.
  • People GPT is a new tool to check out.
  • Recruitment Brain Food WhatsApp group recommended People GPT.
  • Majority of people are not using the tool daily, but it has potential to change recruitment work.
  • Vanessa Rath from Talent Hunter will be joining next month's crowdcast.