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Sales Rep vs. Manager with Kayla Cytron-Thaler and Sachin Sharma

Wed Jun 07 2023
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The episode covers various aspects of the SDR and manager relationship, lead prioritization strategies, personalization in outreach, metrics and performance tracking, cold call battles and compensation, getting to know each other, effective communication with managers, building a comfortable relationship with managers, and the passion and efficiency at Drought. The discussions highlight the importance of authenticity, learning, trust-building, multi-touch approaches, meaningful conversations, tracking metrics, avoiding micromanagement, pushing each other for success, compensating SDRs fairly, open communication with managers, and celebrating wins. The episode also showcases the passion and efficiency of the Drought team.


Authenticity and Learning Drive Success in Video Prospecting

SDRs Adrada Sachin Sharma and Kayla Citrant Thaler found success in video prospecting by being authentic and focusing on learning and building trust.

Personalization and Multi-Touch Approach are Key in Outreach

Personalization, tailored content, longer cadences with multiple touches, and leveraging strengths can lead to better results in outreach.

Metrics and Quality Conversations Drive Performance

Quality conversations, tracking metrics like qualified ops, booked meetings, calls, emails, and LinkedIn replies, and learning from conversations with prospects and teammates can improve SDR performance.

Effective Communication and Trust with Managers

SDRs should be proactive in finding solutions, managers should focus on strategy and idea development, teams should provide full context when seeking guidance, and building a comfortable relationship with managers allows for open communication and honest feedback.

Passion and Efficiency at Drought

The leaders at Drought bring passion to their roles, creating a great manager-SDR relationship. The DRADA team is well-run and efficient.


  1. The SDR and Manager Relationship
  2. Lead Prioritization Strategies
  3. Personalization and Multi-Touch Approach
  4. Metrics and Performance Tracking
  5. Cold Call Battle and Compensation
  6. Getting to Know Each Other
  7. Effective Communication with Managers
  8. Building a Comfortable Relationship with Managers
  9. Passion and Efficiency at Drought

The SDR and Manager Relationship

00:00 - 06:37

  • The SDR and manager relationship can be fun, fruitful, and filled with success.
  • SDR Adrada Sachin Sharma initially didn't believe in using video for sales, but after seeing the success of his colleague Kayla Citrant Thaler, he started using it too.
  • Authenticity is key to their success in video prospecting.
  • Kayla focused on learning and building trust when she joined the team.
  • SDRs and SDR managers may have differences in opinions on prospecting methods.

Lead Prioritization Strategies

06:16 - 12:30

  • Lead prioritization strategies include volume and identifying intersecting factors in a Venn diagram.
  • Focusing on the core audience and ICP is important for effective outreach.
  • Email sequences should be around four touches, while LinkedIn and call sequences can be longer.
  • Personalization in outreach can be effective, especially with video.

Personalization and Multi-Touch Approach

12:07 - 18:27

  • Personalization can work well with video, but it's important to tailor the content to the individual.
  • Longer cadences with multiple touches can be effective in engaging prospects.
  • Using a multi-touch approach across different channels is crucial for success in outreach.
  • Leveraging strengths and pushing oneself outside of comfort zones can lead to better results.
  • The right amount of emails depends on the situation, but volume can be effective if the sequence speaks to a large problem.
  • Personalization doesn't always have to follow a typical format; bantering and creating connections with prospects can be impactful.
  • Creating meaningful conversations is an important metric for SDRs, as it leads to booked meetings and downstream pipeline of revenue.

Metrics and Performance Tracking

18:04 - 23:20

  • Quality conversations are more important than just booking meetings.
  • Metrics like qualified ops, booked meetings, calls, emails, and LinkedIn replies are all important.
  • Tracking the nitty gritty details of metrics is crucial to understanding their impact.
  • Micromanagement can be counterproductive and trust in employees is important.
  • Talking to people and spending time on the phone are valuable metrics to track.
  • Learning from conversations with prospects and teammates can improve performance.
  • Working hard is necessary before being able to work smarter.
  • Competition among teammates can drive motivation and productivity.

Cold Call Battle and Compensation

22:59 - 28:54

  • Ideas for a cold call battle to see who can book the most meetings.
  • Importance of pushing each other and making more calls to increase success.
  • Discussion on the proper way to compensate sales professionals.
  • Preference for higher base, higher commission potential.
  • Disagreement with commission structures that don't pay out if certain numbers aren't hit.
  • Belief that SDRs should be paid out even if they don't hit their numbers.
  • Mention of playing a game to test work relationship and knowledge of each other.

Getting to Know Each Other

28:33 - 35:25

  • Playing a game inspired by the newlywed game, asking Sachin and Kayla questions about each other.
  • Kayla's favorite physical activity outside of work is CrossFit, and Sachin's answer matches.
  • Sachin's favorite sport to watch is baseball/UFC, while Kayla's answer is basketball.
  • Both Sachin and Kayla rate Kayla's love for dashboards as a two out of three.
  • Sachin is the first in Zoom for their one-on-ones or team meetings.
  • Both Sachin and Kayla think they are better rappers than the other.

Effective Communication with Managers

34:57 - 40:32

  • SDRs should not just read the script given to them, but should brainstorm new ideas and be proactive in finding solutions.
  • Managers should focus on discussing strategy and developing ideas with their reps, rather than micromanaging and criticizing their work.
  • Teams can support their leaders by managing up and providing full context when seeking guidance or feedback.
  • Reps should communicate their strengths and interests to their managers early on, and come up with ideas together.
  • Building a comfortable relationship with your manager allows for open communication and honest feedback.

Building a Comfortable Relationship with Managers

40:05 - 46:08

  • Building a comfortable relationship with your manager is important in sales.
  • Being honest and open with your manager allows for better communication and understanding.
  • Developing a relationship of trust and openness with your manager is crucial.
  • Managers should be aware of their own weaknesses and communicate them to their team.
  • Accessibility and open communication are key qualities for managers to have.
  • Celebrating wins, no matter how small, is important for morale in sales teams.

Passion and Efficiency at Drought

45:42 - 47:17

  • Passion is a key aspect of Drought's leadership team.
  • The leaders at Drought, including the founders and new members, bring a lot of passion to their roles.
  • A great manager-SDR relationship is like having passionate partners working together.
  • The DRADA team is well-run and efficient.
  • The hosts thank the guests for joining the show and encourage listeners to subscribe and leave reviews.