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Dirty Air F1

Special Guest Fernando Alonso!

Mon Jun 26 2023
Formula OneLewis HamiltonMax VerstappenGlastonburyRyan ReynoldsMichael B. Jordan
  1. Prime Day and Formula One
  2. Lewis Hamilton's Activities and Hair Transplant
  3. Cost Control in Formula One and Red Bull's Spending Practices
  4. Max Verstappen, Competitiveness, and Lewis Hamilton's Evolution as a Lover
  5. Max Verstappen's Dominance and Glastonbury
  6. Ryan Reynolds, Michael B. Jordan, and Fernando's Writing
  7. Humorous Interactions and Predictions

Prime Day is coming, Lewis Hamilton's activities and hair transplant, cost control in Formula One, Max Verstappen's dominance and competitiveness, Glastonbury, Ryan Reynolds and Michael B. Jordan's investments, and humorous interactions and predictions are discussed in this episode of the Dirty Air Formula One podcast.

Prime Day and Formula One

00:00 - 07:38

  • Prime Day is coming July 11th and 12th, with two days of epic deals exclusively for prime members.
  • Sky Sports has asked the Dirty Air Formula One podcast to do the intro for the Austrian Grand Prix.
  • They discuss potential famous things from Austria like Schwarzenegger and beer.
  • They mention that there was no race this week in Formula One, which they prefer because they don't have to review a potentially dull race.
  • They talk about Lewis Hamilton attending a fashion show and speculate on whether it inspires him or not.
  • They mention a photo of Lewis Hamilton with Will Smith's kids, showing how old he is now compared to when he used to hang out with Will Smith.
  • They briefly discuss Lewis Hamilton being offered a part in Top Gun Maverick but ultimately not getting it.

Lewis Hamilton's Activities and Hair Transplant

07:28 - 14:34

  • Lewis Hamilton photographed with Will Smith's kids, Jaden and Willow
  • Lewis Hamilton is in a state of arrested development, able to hang out with older blokes but also mix with younger people
  • Lewis Hamilton has had a hair transplant and now has a full head of hair
  • Many sportspeople claim to have injuries as an excuse for going away and getting hair transplants
  • Lewis Hamilton was pictured with Tyler the Creator, Willow, and Jaden on the front row at an event
  • Lewis Hamilton looked embarrassed in the picture, questioning what he's doing with his life
  • There was no race this week to talk about

Cost Control in Formula One and Red Bull's Spending Practices

14:10 - 21:29

  • Valtteri Bottas expresses his desire to be naked in a room with a hot sauna and have his private parts visible on the show
  • The FIA has issued a directive to control costs related to teams' other sporting programs, aiming to prevent personnel from being used for research useful to F1 teams by circumventing
  • Teams like Red Bull hide their development under commercial use, such as the Red Bull Air Race and soapbox race
  • The FIA is addressing this issue now because Formula One has become boring and they want to make it more exciting
  • Red Bull is one of the main teams asked to clarify their spending practices
  • Yuki Sonoda will join Sebastian Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo for a show run at the Red Bull Formula Nurburgring event in September

Max Verstappen, Competitiveness, and Lewis Hamilton's Evolution as a Lover

21:11 - 28:29

  • Helmut Marco has said that Max can't go on a fun race because he would be too competitive and throw himself around the track to win.
  • Yuki Tsunoda will be driving instead of Max Verstappen in the upcoming race.
  • The podcast hosts discuss whether Max's competitiveness translates into his sexual performance.
  • Drivers often blame the car for poor performance, as seen with Ferrari.
  • The hosts joke about creating a remix of a song for Ferrari's slow season.
  • They speculate about Lewis Hamilton's evolution as a lover over time.
  • George Russell's book 'Red She Comes First' is mentioned, which is about performing oral sex well for men.
  • Checo Perez expresses concern about his drop in performance rather than his place in the championship.

Max Verstappen's Dominance and Glastonbury

28:01 - 34:56

  • Max Verstappen's dominance in Formula 1 is so impressive that the host wants to see him intentionally slow down and taunt his competitors.
  • The Red Bull car's incredible speed is highlighted by the fact that it could eat a bird and still win a race by 8 seconds.
  • There is speculation about other teams trying to replicate Red Bull's pace by stuffing birds in their side pods.
  • Lewis Hamilton attended an Elton John concert at Glastonbury, prompting discussion about which drivers would attend different performances.
  • Checo Perez is seen as someone who would attend a concert without much interest in the artist's music.
  • Kevin Magnussen might be interested in watching Arctic Monkeys or Queens of the Stone Age at Glastonbury.
  • George Russell opted for glamping instead of camping at Glastonbury.
  • Yuki Tsunoda would likely have fluorescent decorations reminiscent of Claxons concerts.
  • Daniel Ricciardo has eclectic taste in music, including metal and Mumford & Sons.
  • The hosts discuss Lewis Hamilton's potential affinity for Elton John songs like 'Tiny Dancer' and 'Your Song'.
  • Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney have purchased a stake in Wrexham AFC, sparking conversation about their wealth and investments.

Ryan Reynolds, Michael B. Jordan, and Fernando's Writing

34:36 - 41:59

  • Ryan Reynolds has made a lot of money from his movies, including Deadpool.
  • Michael B. Jordan is not the same person as Michael Jordan.
  • Creed is considered a bad version of Rocky.
  • Ryan Reynolds is not part of the main Marvel cinematic universe.
  • Tom Cruise would be a good fit to invest in Ferrari because he breaks a lot of bones in his films.
  • A driver named Fernando wrote about his experiences during a non-race week.

Humorous Interactions and Predictions

41:39 - 47:44

  • The speaker is eating a cheese and onion slice on a train and has a humorous interaction with the ticket inspector.
  • The speaker meets someone named Raquel who they are infatuated with.
  • The speaker attends a premiere and encounters a group of people who swarm them.
  • The speaker discusses their predictions for an upcoming race.