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Life’s Essentials with Prem Rawat

The Grand Illusion and You - Are you just an actor, or is there more to life?

Tue Jul 13 2021

The Deeper Meaning of Life

  • The podcast explores the deeper meaning of our lives and how we become confused actors in this theatre of existence.
  • Prem explains that there is a way to find clarity in this confusing world.

Power, Energy, and the World We Have Created

  • The three things discussed are power, energy, and the world we have created for ourselves.
  • Power is described as everything that was, is, and will be with no end.
  • Energy is the quintessential merging of the creator, sustainer, and destroyer powers.
  • The world we have created includes bridges, roads, systems, farming systems, relationships, cars, bicycles, motorcycles, trains, ships, airplanes and other fantasies we try to make come true.
  • There are debates about whether this world is the only reality or if there wasn't isn't and won't be.

Life as a Play

  • The world we live in is the only reality and produces high levels of anxiety.
  • Life is like a play, and we are actors on a stage called Earth.
  • It's important to remember that it's just a play and not get confused with our role playing as an actor.
  • If we know who we truly are, becoming rich or poor in the play won't affect our real riches.
  • Understanding ourselves is crucial to not getting dragged into the grand illusion of the play.

Knowing Oneself

  • Knowing oneself is crucial to avoid confusion.
  • Answering questions often requires a dialogue and asking further questions.
  • Physical health impacts one's life situation.

Metaphor of Being an Actor

  • The speaker discusses the importance of knowing oneself, especially in distinguishing between one's role and reality.
  • They use the metaphor of being an actor playing a role to emphasize this point.
  • The speaker notes that scripts (i.e. life circumstances) will constantly change, but one's true self remains constant.
  • They admire doctors who focus on working with patients beyond their script or diagnosis.
  • The speaker encourages listeners to focus on their own aliveness and true selves rather than getting caught up in external scripts or circumstances.

Consciousness and Personal Fulfillment

  • The speaker emphasizes the importance of being conscious and aware of one's reality beyond acting, scripts, and applause.
  • He encourages listeners to focus on their own personal fulfillment and gratitude rather than seeking validation from others.

Additional Offerings

  • The speaker offers an online course called Peak to help people experience personal peace.
  • He has a new book called Hear Yourself: How to Find Peace in a Noisy World available for pre-order.