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The Game w/ Alex Hormozi

The M.A.G.I.C Offer Formula | Ep 563

Thu Jul 13 2023
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The episode discusses how to create magical offers that are irresistible to potential customers. It covers the magic offer headline formula and the importance of targeting a specific audience. The second part focuses on maximizing upfront cash and provides tips for creating effective headlines.


Magic Offer Headline Formula

The acronym M-A-G-I-C stands for magnet, Avatar, goal, interval, and container. By using this formula, different variations of headlines can be created to appeal to different segments of the target market.

Maximizing Upfront Cash

The book Avatar by the podcast host delves into tactics for maximizing upfront cash. It emphasizes the need to change headlines frequently in local markets and provides tips for creating concise and impactful headlines.


  1. Creating Magical Offers
  2. Maximizing Upfront Cash

Creating Magical Offers

00:00 - 06:55

  • The podcast is about how to make magical offers that are so good people feel stupid saying no.
  • The key to understanding the difference between the offer and the naming convention is that while the monetization structure may not change over time, the naming convention can change multiple times.
  • The magic offer headline formula is an acronym: M-A-G-I-C.
  • M stands for magnet, which refers to the magnetic reason why someone would click on the offer.
  • A stands for Avatar, which means discriminating against everyone else by targeting a specific audience.
  • G stands for goal, indicating what the marketing campaign aims to achieve.
  • I stands for interval, specifying a time frame in which the offer will be available.
  • C stands for container, which packages all these elements together into a word or phrase.
  • Examples of container words include incubator, intensive, challenge, blueprint, system, sprint, kick off, and jump start.
  • By using this acronym and varying the elements of the offer such as duration and goal, you can create different variations of headlines for the same offer in order to appeal to different segments of your target market.

Maximizing Upfront Cash

06:35 - 09:09

  • The podcast host has written a book called Avatar, which focuses on creating single offers and tactics around modics.
  • The first half of the book is about creating the single offer, while the second half covers tactics for maximizing upfront cash.
  • In local markets, it's important to change headlines frequently to avoid banner blindness.
  • When making headlines, it's recommended to make them as short as possible but not shorter than necessary.
  • Container words can serve multiple purposes in a headline, so being selective with word choice allows for brevity and punchiness.
  • Rhyming aspects in a headline can earn extra bonus points.