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The Recruiting Future Takeover. AI and what to do about it… with Matt Alder, Host of The Recruiting Future Podcast

Tue May 30 2023

AI's impact on recruitment

00:02 - 19:43

  • AI is impacting recruitment through automation and assessment.
  • Automation could go much deeper into the recruitment process than previously thought possible.
  • Short term impact of AI on recruitment is overblown, but we need to think about long-term impacts on our industry.
  • Recruitment using AI is possible, but there are nuances for different types of recruitment and organizations.
  • AI can do most admin and repeatable tasks, and some volume hiring is already run by conversational AI.
  • New technology will always create new roles and opportunities, but the issue of AI displacing more jobs than it creates needs to be addressed at a government level.
  • There may be an organization within the next 18 months who will remove recruiters from their processes altogether.

Talent shortages and changing hiring practices

00:02 - 06:36

  • Talent shortages are driving change in how employers think about talent, leading to new hiring practices like fractional hiring.
  • Despite layoffs due to economic challenges, many companies plan to hire in the second half of the year.

The future of recruitment with AI

06:06 - 25:46

  • People are still at an experimental stage with current interfaces, but the medium-term impact of AI is potentially vast.
  • Encouraging people to get out of short term thinking and consider what the future of their organization or team could look like with AI in recruitment.
  • Companies that move quickly and change with AI will succeed in the future.
  • One-person recruitment businesses can use tools like scheduling and copywriting to compete with larger companies and save money.
  • People who upskill in ways to save a business money through AI and automation will stand out in TA.
  • Automation within recruitment processes requires a great understanding of what tools are available and how they impact candidate experience.
  • Quality communication is cited as a massive issue in candidate experience, but automation can improve it when done well.
  • Technology can improve communication experiences by letting humans do the bit.

Ethical concerns and rethinking recruitment

25:30 - 32:46

  • AI can create less biased hiring processes, but there are concerns about who checks for bias and the need for transparency in decision-making.
  • Ethical concerns around AI in recruitment include cheating/faking applications, blame allocation, and outdated recruitment processes.
  • The pace of technological change is not slowing down, so we need to rethink our approach to recruiting.
  • We should focus on fundamental skills and abilities rather than specific technical knowledge.
  • Jeffrey Hinton's resignation from Google is a significant event that highlights the potential dangers of AI.
  • People in recruitment or TA should stay up-to-date with emerging technologies like chat GPT, but also think about the long-term implications for their industry.
  • It's important to get hands-on experience with new tools while also considering their impact on the future.

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39:00 - 40:54

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