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The Problem With Jon Stewart

The Trump Indictment and Who We Think Deserves Prosecution

Wed Apr 05 2023
  • The justice system in America has a two-tiered approach, with some individuals being held accountable while others are not.
  • Wage theft is a significant problem, with over $40 billion lost compared to $340 million lost to robbery.
  • Deferred prosecution agreements (DPAs) have become the standard way of prosecuting corporate crimes, leading to a lack of accountability for individuals.
  • The lack of accountability in the financial industry has led to explicit fraud and foreclosures, resulting in crimes of desperation such as robberies and drug use.
  • Systems and institutions are often not held accountable for the damages they cause, despite their transparency.
  • There is a culture of avoiding failure in the justice system, which leads to settlements and consent decrees instead of true accountability.
  • The US has an overly punitive criminal justice system that should reserve punishment for true systemic crimes rather than street crimes.
  • Presidents in the US have historically been able to get away with misdemeanors and felonies without being held accountable, leading to a lack of accountability for those in power.
  • The media should focus on exposing and educating the public about systemic white collar crimes and corruption.
  • The education system is designed to maintain elite status and prevent basic understanding of structural racism, which leads to a lack of accountability for systems.
  • Lack of elite accountability is a major problem in our democracy and leads to demagoguery.
  • John Stewart's podcast is taking a break, but will be back soon with occasional episodes.