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Life’s Essentials with Prem Rawat

The Ultimate Game: In life what should we really be in to?

Tue Oct 19 2021
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The episode discusses various topics including the power of podcasts, the ultimate game of life, viewing each day with awareness, contentment and peace in life, and knowing yourself and finding peace. It emphasizes the importance of reflection, self-awareness, and finding joy and contentment within oneself.


The Ultimate Game of Life

The episode explores the concept of the ultimate game in life and the challenges we face as individuals. It highlights the journey of being born, the importance of reflection, and our basic needs for sustenance.

Viewing Each Day with Awareness

The episode emphasizes the need to be aware of our surroundings and make the most of every day. It discusses the inevitability of death, the limited space on Earth for human beings, and the importance of finding contentment and peace in this life.

Knowing Yourself and Finding Peace

The episode delves into the concept of knowing oneself and finding inner peace. It highlights the significance of self-reflection, overcoming challenges, and embracing a sense of gratitude and clarity.


  1. Acast powers the world's best podcasts
  2. The Ultimate Game
  3. Viewing Each Day with Awareness
  4. Contentment and Peace in Life
  5. Knowing Yourself and Finding Peace

Acast powers the world's best podcasts

00:02 - 10:52

  • Mark Bittman hosts a podcast called Food, discussing recipes, cooking, injustices in the food system, and America's food policy.
  • Guests on the podcast include Bill McKibben, Leslie Nicole, Mrs. Pat Nabbi, Emily Meggit, Alice Waters, Dan Levy, Cory Booker, and Jack Bapan.

The Ultimate Game

00:02 - 10:52

  • The Life's Essentials podcast episode 22 is titled The Ultimate Game and explores what we should really be into in life.
  • Prem Rowart discusses the challenges of life and what we truly need in this ultimate game.
  • The journey of being born is amazing and miraculous.
  • Babies are dependent on their mothers but eventually become independent.
  • We should reflect on our own lives as we go through each minute and inch closer to finality.
  • We need food and water to sustain ourselves.
  • In the past, people had to work hard to gather food every day; now it is easier with supermarkets.
  • Access to pure water has been crucial for civilizations throughout history.

Viewing Each Day with Awareness

10:24 - 20:31

  • We should be more cognizant of what is happening around us and view each day and moment with awareness
  • There is a game of time passing that we cannot control
  • The ultimate game is to make the most of every day, achieve something beautiful, experience joy and understanding
  • No matter how we live our lives, death is inevitable
  • The usable part of Earth for human beings is relatively small compared to the vastness of space
  • We should address our desire for contentment, peace, and joy in this life rather than seeking it elsewhere
  • Putting on certain clothes or adopting certain appearances does not determine one's inner state
  • Emotions like sadness, anger, and joy should not be so extreme as to hinder proper functioning

Contentment and Peace in Life

20:05 - 30:03

  • Contentment and peace are important in life, and they don't hinder your ability to function.
  • Being content doesn't have a limit; you can always have more joy and good things in your life.
  • The human mind often creates ideas based on what it sees and knows, rather than seeking true understanding.
  • Knowing yourself is like turning on the light in a dark room; it prevents suffering and allows you to navigate through life without hurting yourself or others.

Knowing Yourself and Finding Peace

29:37 - 39:11

  • Knowing yourself is the human equivalent of turning on the light.
  • Difficulties are not important if they require extra effort.
  • Having peace in your life is an objective to accomplish.
  • As you grow up, you will face incredible challenges and learn from them.
  • Remember the monumental effort it took to come into this world.
  • Learning to walk, crawl, and eat are part of the amazing challenges of life.
  • Reflect on your life and either be pleased with it or make excuses.
  • No matter what you have accomplished or accumulated, you will go empty-handed when you die.
  • Find peace and contentment within yourself to go with a heart full of joy, clarity, understanding, and gratitude.