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High-Performance Digital Marketing Podcast

Threads – Everything Marketers Need to Know

Mon Jul 10 2023
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Facebook and Instagram have launched Threads, a microblogging platform similar to Twitter. It allows longer posts and videos, but discoverability is currently limited. Brands are joining Threads to engage with customers and test different content strategies. However, there are risks of low user adoption and the need to maintain a presence on Twitter. Paid ads will be introduced in the future, providing opportunities for brands to experiment with new ad formats.


Threads offers a low-risk opportunity for brands

Brands can use Threads to test different tones of voice and content strategies without significant investment or consequences.

Consider the risks before joining Threads

There is a risk of low user adoption and losing interest in the platform. It's important to assess if your audience is still engaging with your posts on Twitter before making a decision.

Threads and Twitter can coexist

Brands can have a presence on both Threads and Twitter since the platforms are similar. It's not necessary to abandon one for the other.

Paid ads on Threads will be available in the future

Advertisers will have the opportunity to use existing data from Instagram and Facebook ads to create ads on Threads. The specific ad formats are yet to be confirmed.

Threads provides a testing ground for new ad formats

Brands can experiment with different ad formats on Threads, such as image ads, videos, gifs, and text-based ads, to see what resonates well with their audience.


  1. Introduction
  2. Considerations for Joining Threads


00:00 - 06:47

  • Facebook and Instagram have released a new microblogging platform called Threads, which aims to be a chatty space for conversations and brand-customer connections.
  • Threads is similar to Twitter but allows for longer posts (500 characters) and five-minute videos.
  • Discoverability on Threads is currently limited, as users can only search for individual users, not topics or hashtags.
  • The platform is expected to introduce more features soon, including the ability to interact with users across different platforms.
  • Brands are joining Threads and being playful in their posts, creating a consumer-level vibe.
  • Threads can be used for sharing behind-the-scenes content, instant updates, teasing new launches, and customer service.
  • It's a low-risk opportunity for brands to test out different tones of voice and content strategies.
  • One risk of joining Threads is that the platform may not gain traction among users who are unfamiliar with Twitter-like platforms.

Considerations for Joining Threads

06:20 - 10:53

  • Joining a platform like Threads carries the risk of it not taking off and people losing interest.
  • Assuming that making a Threads account will automatically get you followers is not true.
  • Don't abandon Twitter if you're having success there, as some audience members may not want to join the meta ecosystem.
  • Check if your followers are still interacting with your posts on Twitter or moving to Threads to make an informed decision.
  • You can have a presence on both Twitter and Threads since the platforms are similar.
  • Paid ads on Threads are expected to be rolled out in a few months, allowing advertisers to use existing data from Instagram and Facebook ads.
  • The ad formats on Threads are yet to be confirmed, but classic image ads, videos, gifs, and text-based ads can be expected.
  • Threads provides an opportunity for brands to test new ad formats that may resonate well with their audience.
  • Exposure Ninja recommends creating a Threads account and testing it out due to low risk and the stability provided by Meta's established social media platforms.
  • Transitioning to Threads doesn't require hasty decisions or leaving Twitter; both platforms can be used simultaneously.