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The Art of Online Business

Time-Saving Content Creation: How to Use ChatGPT and AI Tools for Faster Production

Wed Apr 12 2023

Behind the Launch

00:01 - 06:08

  • Sign up for a free audio event called Behind the Launch to hear short, intimate conversations with industry experts who pulled back the curtain on their last launch.
  • The goal of this free audio event is to dispel the idea that people who have successful launches never struggle behind the scenes because absolutely we do.
  • Listening to these conversations will give you a proven path to make more sales the next time you launch because you'll have a solid, sleaze-free launch strategy.
  • You'll also be uber confident because you have a reality-based approach to launching that works without the pressure to send a gazillion emails.
  • When you register by June 25th, you can upgrade to get lifetime access to all of the recordings for $27. All profits go to Learning Ally, which is a nonprofit that provides audiobooks and other resources to children struggling with reading.

Chat GPT and AI Tools

00:01 - 06:08

  • Chat GPT and AI tools can be incorporated into marketing workflows not only speed up how long things take but also spark creativity in what you're doing.
  • Chat GPT might spit out something for you that you'd even think about and it could help elaborate your ideas further.
  • Spend some time learning how to ask questions or prompts in chat GPT. If you know what you want but don't know what kind of prompt to write, ask chat GPT what prompt should be written in order for it do whatever it is that's needed.
  • Chat GPT+ is highly recommended as it offers better performance than its default version. It costs $20 per month.

Chat GPT-4 and AI Tools

05:43 - 11:40

  • Chat GPT-4 is way better than 3.5 and available to plus users.
  • Determine the end goal of what you're trying to do, such as writing an email or generating ad copy.
  • Consider the steps needed to accomplish your goal, like identifying your audience and determining the topic.
  • Use chat GPT or other AI tools to speed up the process or spark creativity.
  • Chat GPT is not connected to the internet and powered by information up through September 2021.
  • Start with chat GPT for language models when writing anything at all.
  • Check out other tools for designing websites, images, and graphics until chat GPT catches up. and Future Tools

11:12 - 17:07

  • is a tool that generates AI-designed websites.
  • It generates a web page, logo, name, copy and images in less than 60 seconds.
  • The generated page is meant to be a quick landing page for testing out business ideas.
  • Chat CPT4 has introduced plugins that allow designing websites right inside the platform.
  • Future and are directories of thousands of free AI tools organized by category.

Chachi BT and ChatCPT

16:43 - 22:39

  • Use Chachi BT to determine your writing style by inputting a transcription of your podcast, video, or blog post.
  • Copy and paste the result into an external document for future reference.
  • Teach Chachi BT your writing style so you can use it for future prompts.
  • Set the context for Chachi BT by describing who you are and what you want it to do.
  • Provide as much information as possible about your audience's pain points and goals to get better results.
  • Give parameters such as word count to ChatCPT when asking it to write something.
  • Prompt ChatCPT for changes or additions until you're satisfied with the result.
  • Ask ChatCPT to generate 15 subject lines that would make your audience want to open an email.

Podcast Production

27:54 - 33:49

  • Outline the steps to create a podcast episode.
  • Use chat GPT and other tools to make these steps easier and faster.
  • Start with pasting into chat GPT, the result that you got earlier about how it analyzed to get your tone of voice, your speaking style, and that sort of thing.
  • Set the context of how you want it to think by sharing who your audience is.
  • Generate 15 podcast episode ideas that I can use in the podcast.
  • Generate ten variations of number three from the list of 15 ideas generated earlier.
  • Create a podcast episode outline from the topic selected from their list.
  • Generate a script for an episode if you work from a script or just work from an outline.
  • Generate 15 potential podcast titles that align with this script or would make people want to listen to this episode.
  • Record your podcast using tools like 11 labs.

Podcast Editing and Graphics

33:26 - 39:58

  • Use a tool like 11 labs to record your voice and put your script into it for accurate recording.
  • Use editing tools like Descript or Adobe Podcasts to edit the recorded episode.
  • Generate show notes page by using to get the transcript of the episode and then use chat GPT to generate bullet points highlighting important takeaways and must-listens from the episode.
  • For graphics, use Canva Pro which is very reasonable at $55-$60 per year.
  • The entire process of going from idea to posted episode can be done in an hour depending on how long the episode is.
  • Set up a zap with Slack, chat GPT, and Notion for generating potential episode titles within 60 seconds of typing an idea into a specified channel in Slack.
  • Use Chatsy BT to come up with metaphors or stories relevant to the outlined episode.

Social Media Posts and Ad Copy

39:35 - 45:50

  • Use Chatsy BT to come up with metaphors or stories relevant to the episode outlined.
  • Chatsy BT and Canva can be used to create a month's worth of social media posts quickly.
  • Results generated by Chatsy BT can be put into a table for easy copying into Canva.
  • Chatsy BT can write ad copy and hooks in seconds using parameters such as target audience, pain points, challenges, and specific offer.
  • generates AI-generated creative ad content.
  • Canva has thousands of templates and new updates including AI inclusion and text-to-image conversion.
  • is a YouTube video title and thumbnail view ranker that predicts which title/thumbnail combination will get more views on YouTube before uploading it into YouTube.
  • Zapier and Chat TBT can summarize emails received in Gmail and slack summaries.

Automation and AI

45:23 - 50:59

  • Zapier can be used to connect Gmail and Chat GPT to summarize emails and generate potential responses.
  • Plugins in Chat GPT, such as Zapier, allow for even more automation within the platform.
  • The power of what you can accomplish with Chat GPT and AI is limited only by your imagination.
  • Educate yourself on AI and consider joining a membership like the AI Exchange to stay up-to-date on developments.
  • Think about what tasks you could automate to make your work easier and faster.