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The B2B Sales Podcast

Watch me create a cold outreach sequence from scratch with ChatGPT, with Thibaut Souyris

Tue May 23 2023

The Be To Be Sales podcast

  • Features interviews with thought leaders and experts in B2B sales
  • Provides tactical tips and insights on starting conversations, generating opportunities, and closing deals faster

Creating a cold outreach sequence using ChatGPT

  • Five steps to the process:
    • Review Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) metrics
    • Select an ICP to target
    • Review problems of the selected ICP
    • List all these problems, including symptoms
    • Build outreach sequence skeleton by defining number of touch points and channels for each

Building a call sequence from scratch

  • Define number of touch points and channel for each touch point (LinkedIn, email, phone, etc.)
  • Determine media type for each touch point (audio, video, text)
  • Define cadence between touchpoints before following up if there is no reply
  • Build content of touchpoints using ChatGPT
  • Follow five steps:
    • Review ICP metrics
    • Pick an ATL or BTL in this ICP metrics
    • Review problems of selected ICP
    • Build sequence skeleton
    • Build messages