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Why a Growth Mindset is important in Sales Coaching w/ Jocelle Sarenpa

Thu Jul 06 2023
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The episode explores the power of a growth mindset in sales, emphasizing the importance of approaching challenges with optimism and continuously improving. It delves into developing a growth mindset, creating a culture of growth, and the role of attitude and awareness in sales. The insights gained from these chapters provide valuable guidance for sales managers and professionals.


Growth mindset is crucial in sales

Salespeople require unique skills like resilience, accountability, and optimism, making growth mindset critical in their profession.

Encouraging a growth mindset leads to success

Supporting and encouraging a growth mindset can help individuals develop new neuropathways and believe in themselves.

Identifying signs of uncoachability

Recognizing signs such as blame game, excuses, and wallowing in misery can help identify individuals who may be resistant to coaching.

Creating a culture of growth

Fostering a work culture that sees failure as an opportunity to grow and encourages open discussion about failure can contribute to overall team success.

'Yet' as a powerful concept

'Yet' signifies that something is not a no, but rather a not now, highlighting the potential for growth and improvement.

Importance of attitude in sales

Attitude is a crucial factor when hiring salespeople, as it cannot be trained but must be coached.

Awareness as the first step

Developing a growth mindset starts with awareness of the need for continuous improvement and embracing challenges.

Coaching is a collaborative process

Effective coaching requires willingness from both parties to learn, improve, and collaborate.


  1. The Power of a Growth Mindset
  2. Developing a Growth Mindset
  3. Creating a Culture of Growth
  4. Attitude and Awareness in Sales

The Power of a Growth Mindset

00:03 - 08:02

  • Jossel Saranpa is the Director of Sales Enablement for Field Nation, a leading on-demand labor platform for field service work.
  • Jossel has spent most of her career as an enablement team of one, owning and executing all aspects of the department.
  • She found her home in enablement after holding various sales roles and realizing that helping others grow and learn was the most rewarding to her.
  • Jossel believes that mindset is everything and critical to success in life and work.
  • She emphasizes the importance of having a growth mindset, which involves approaching challenges with optimism, knowing you can continuously improve.
  • Salespeople require unique skills like resilience, accountability, and optimism, making growth mindset crucial in their profession.
  • On the other hand, fixed mindset manifests as defensiveness, excuses, and identifying oneself with negative labels.
  • Dr. Carol Dweck's book 'Mindset' highlights the power of yet in cultivating a growth mindset.
  • Sometimes people may slip into a fixed mindset due to environmental factors or life challenges.

Developing a Growth Mindset

07:43 - 14:54

  • Having a growth mindset in certain areas of life, like sports, can lead to success.
  • Some salespeople have a growth mindset in physical abilities but a fixed mindset in financial health.
  • Encouraging and supporting a growth mindset can help people develop new neuropathways and believe in themselves.
  • Sales managers should build a coaching culture to help salespeople perform and grow.
  • Dealing with people who have a closed mentality can be challenging.
  • Salespeople with a growth mindset are more likely to remain on the team and stay motivated.
  • Coaches need to help move people from victimhood to taking responsibility for their actions.
  • Identifying candidates with a growth mindset during the hiring process is important.
  • Understanding that failure is part of the growing process is crucial for coachability.

Creating a Culture of Growth

14:26 - 21:47

  • Having a work culture that sees failure as part of the growth process
  • Encouraging people to talk about failure as an opportunity to grow
  • The power of 'yet' - it's not a no, it's just a not now
  • Negative mindset can have a toxic effect on others in the team
  • A bad apple on the team can infect and detriment the overall success
  • Identifying signs of uncoachability: blame game, excuses, wallowing in misery
  • Being open to feedback and willing to learn and improve
  • A professional improvement plan (PIP) should be seen as an opportunity for growth
  • Top performers proactively seek feedback on everything they do
  • Salespeople with a fixed mindset are harder to manage and be around
  • Coaching is collaborative and requires willingness from both parties

Attitude and Awareness in Sales

21:28 - 24:27

  • Salespeople with a background in discipline, such as sports, often have a self-reliant attitude and are eager to learn and grow.
  • Attitude is crucial when hiring salespeople; aptitude can be trained, but attitude must be coached.
  • The ideal salesperson is proactive and seeks feedback without being prompted.
  • Having a growth mindset allows individuals to thrive and improve in any environment.
  • Awareness is the first step towards developing a growth mindset.
  • Mary Hall can be found on LinkedIn and in Slack channels for the Sales Enablement Collective and the Enablement Squad.