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Deconstructor of Fun

Deconstructor of Fun podcast is created by games professionals for games professionals. We explore the business side of the games industry with the goal of bringing listeners content that is relevant, insightful, and entertaining on a weekly basis. Hosts: Michail Katkoff @mkatkoff Eric Kress @ekress Laura Taranto @laurataranto Phillip Black @econosopher Jen Donahoe @Jen_Donahoe Support this podcast:

Deconstructor of Fun

Mon Jan 29 2024

PC and Console Gaming Predictions with Newzoo's Tom Wijman

gaming industrymarket predictionsconsole gamingPC gamingmobile games

The episode discusses market predictions in the gaming industry, challenges and opportunities in the gaming market, shifts in gaming platforms and business models, and the future of gaming platforms and AI in game development. The gaming market is predicted to continue recovering and growing, but at a slower rate than previous years. Console gaming has been impacted by premium releases, leading to a decline in hours played and slower growth in subscription services. The console market faces challenges from social media, video streaming, and other forms of entertainment. PC gaming has performed better than expected, with opportunities for growth and successful porting of console games. The gaming market has shifted from an engagement and spending boom to facing inflation, high interest rates, layoffs, and careful investment environments. Mobile games are not recession-proof, as a decrease in disposable income leads to a decrease in in-app purchases. PC and console gaming are considered more recession-proof due to the premium nature of games. Layoffs in the gaming industry are expected to continue, making it difficult for laid-off developers to start something new. Multi-game subscription services like Xbox Game Pass rely on subscriber growth for cost efficiency. The popularity of multi-game subscriptions is slowing down, and there may be competition from gaming platforms like Fortnite and Roblox. Gaming platforms like Fortnite and Roblox offer diverse experiences in a freemium model, potentially disrupting traditional game subscription services. Premium games require a good marketing campaign and strategy, while live service models require continuous content updates. The console market is saturating in terms of live service games, making it harder for new entrants to succeed. There may be a shift in mindset from focusing solely on live service models to considering premium games again. Acquiring small games with potential and providing proper support could be a profitable business model. Mobile developers turning to PC gaming may face challenges due to differences in marketing, engagement, and monetization mechanics. Cross-platform games have the potential for great success, and developers who approach new platforms with humility are more likely to succeed. Xbox plans to launch a mobile store on Android, potentially benefiting from strong franchises owned by Microsoft. AI is expected to accelerate game development, but its successful usage is currently limited. The use of AI in game development unlocks potential for smaller teams to be successful and try new things at a larger scale.

Deconstructor of Fun

Thu Sep 14 2023

TWiG #249 Epic Unity Talk

UnityControversial ChangesSubscription GamesSmall and Medium CompaniesRevenue Model

This episode covers the controversial changes made by Unity, tying fees to downloads and causing backlash. The impact on subscription games and developers is discussed, along with the pressure on small and medium companies. Unity's revenue and pricing model, strategy, and stock performance are analyzed. The episode also explores new games and innovative approaches, the lack of innovation in mobile games, mobile shooters, IP-driven games, and Unity's response to recent events.

Deconstructor of Fun

Thu Aug 10 2023

TWIG #244 Has Netflix lost it? Does Nintendo even care about mobile?

Women's World CupGaming IndustryNetflix GamingAssassin's CreedMobile Gaming

The episode covers various topics including the Women's World Cup, gaming industry updates, Netflix's gaming endeavor, Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed game, building community and mobile gaming challenges, Nintendo's approach to mobile gaming, and console developers' exploration of mobile games. The discussions touch on the performance of national teams in the Women's World Cup, sales figures in the gaming industry, Netflix's game controller app and game releases, Ubisoft's decision to shorten the playtime of Assassin's Creed, community engagement strategies, Nintendo's struggles in mobile gaming, and the revenue contribution of mobile games to console developers.

Deconstructor of Fun

Tue Aug 08 2023

Co-Development: AN INSIDE LOOK WITH TIM BENNISON, COO @ Hot Head Games

Co-developmentWork-for-hireGame developmentMobile gamingRevenue predictability

This episode explores the world of co-development and work-for-hire projects in game development. It discusses strategies for success, efficient project management, and exit scenarios for co-development studios. The episode also delves into the challenges and advantages of work-for-hire projects, including revenue predictability and investor opportunities. Insights are provided on pitching, success factors, and the importance of the right intellectual property. Effective communication, relationship management, and qualities of a successful studio are explored. The episode concludes with insights on diversification and valuable career experiences in the industry.

Deconstructor of Fun

Mon Jul 31 2023

Star Trek Timelines Team on Maximizing Your LiveOps with Web Shops

Web ShopsFree-to-Play Mobile GamesStar Trek TimelinesMonetizationContinuous Content Updates

This episode explores the use of web shops in free-to-play mobile games, focusing on the game Star Trek timelines. It discusses the benefits of web shops for monetizing engaged players outside of app stores, the importance of continuous content updates and community engagement, and the expansion of game commerce through web shops. The episode also covers web shop revenue and player behavior, creating a stronger connection with players through web shops, effective strategies for web shops, and future enhancements for web shops. It concludes with insights on enhancing gameplay and setting up for long-term success.

Deconstructor of Fun

Thu Jul 27 2023

TWiG #242 Dinosaurs Crash an Eggy Party & Battle Pass Galore

Game IndustryGame DevelopmentPikmin 3 DeluxeMarvel Strike ForceRoblox

This episode covers various topics in the game industry, including news updates, game development strategies, popular games like Pikmin 3 Deluxe and Marvel Strike Force, platforms like Roblox and TikTok for game development, battle passes and reward passes in games, and insights into the Exo Primal game. The discussions touch on topics such as reskinning games, savings in game development, challenges of developing on platforms like Roblox, monetization strategies for battle passes, and community rewards for game milestones.

Deconstructor of Fun

Wed Jul 26 2023

In Conversation: Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley on Leading the Rebellion

Game DevelopmentRebellion Game StudiosComicsFilm ProductionDigital Distribution

In this episode, Jason Kingsley, co-founder and CEO of Rebellion Game Studios, discusses the history of Rebellion Games, their game development philosophy, and their expansion into comics and film production. He shares insights on showcasing unique aspects of games, the challenges of marketing, and the importance of player perspective in game design. Jason also highlights the impact of digital distribution and the UK game industry tax support. The episode concludes with a discussion on the future of interactive and non-interactive media integration.

Deconstructor of Fun

Mon Jul 24 2023

Mastering Remote Work Culture: A Conversation with Playrix

remote workhybrid workcommunicationcompany culturediversity

The episode discusses Playrix's success with remote and hybrid work, the challenges faced, and the importance of communication and company culture. It explores the benefits of diversity in remote teams and the growth of the gaming industry. The future challenges of hybrid work and maintaining work-life balance are also addressed.

Deconstructor of Fun

Thu Jul 20 2023

TWiG 241: Web3 Like a Phoenix, FIFA’s Rebrand Scores a Goal, and Tiktok’s Truth

SpotifyGardens GameBlockchain IntegrationEA SportsSony

The episode covers various topics including Spotify's new feature, funding for Gardens game, challenges in the gaming industry, blockchain integration, EA's decision to move away from FIFA, Sony and Microsoft's future strategies, and TikTok's influence on gaming. Insights include the impact of Google's restrictions on loot boxes, monetization challenges in NFTs, and the potential of partnerships in the gaming industry.

Deconstructor of Fun

Mon Jul 17 2023

No Bull with Joseph Kim, Founder of LILA Games & Game Makers

startupentrepreneurshipteam buildingpersonal valuessacrifice

The episode covers various topics related to starting and building a startup, including the challenges of balancing life and work, the importance of sacrifice and trade-offs, building an effective team, dealing with criticisms, and the role of personal values in entrepreneurship. The hosts share their experiences and insights on these topics, providing valuable advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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