The Revenue Marketing Report

The Revenue Marketing Report

Our goal on the Revenue Marketing Report is to help marketers move from subject matter experts to strategic business partners. Camela Thompson has 15 years of experience in the Tech industry spanning revenue operations, and our guests have a wealth of experience in B2B marketing.

The Revenue Marketing Report

Thu May 25 2023

The Age of ChatGPT Isn’t Here Yet


The episode discusses the impact of technology on marketing, the limitations and opportunities of AI in marketing, the changing role of marketing in B2B, and the importance of aligning sales and marketing teams.

The Revenue Marketing Report

Thu May 18 2023

Why Every B2B Marketer Needs the Outrageous Offer

marketingoutrageous offersemail deliverabilitycybersecuritycompelling offers

This episode covers the importance of outrageous offers in marketing, email deliverability and cybersecurity, creating compelling offers and clarity in marketing, effective guarantees and offers, and success stories of companies using outrageous offers. The topics discussed include finding and hiring the right leaders, buyer behavior and email preferences, sales engagement tools and deliverability issues, improving email deliverability, the current buying process, creating simple and clear messages, identifying missed opportunities, understanding customer questions and concerns, providing upfront pricing, selling results and offering guarantees, creating conditional guarantees, addressing objections and concerns, improving customer satisfaction, using personalized videos, experimentation in finding resonating offers, Caliber Mind's data transformation package, and success stories of companies achieving seven-figure revenue.

The Revenue Marketing Report

Thu May 11 2023

What B2B Can Learn from B2C

B2B SaaSmulti-year contractsupsellingideal customersdata-driven

B2B SaaS companies are shifting their strategy to multi-year contracts and upselling into existing customer base. Focusing on ideal customers and being data-driven helps companies avoid drowning in opportunities and prioritize value impact. Maximizing customer value and personal growth are essential for success.

The Revenue Marketing Report

Thu May 04 2023

Why MOPs in RevOps Can Be a Good Thing

ConsultingOperationsData InterpretationRevOpsCollaboration

This episode covers various aspects of consulting, operations, data interpretation, RevOps role, collaboration between marketing and sales, pipeline creation, resource management, and challenges in operations and networking. The topics include the importance of transparency and expectation setting in business relationships, the value of understanding stakeholders' needs, and the role of RevOps in aligning go-to-market functions. It also explores the challenges of interpreting imperfect B2B data, the need for collaboration between marketing and operations, and the tension between short-term and long-term strategies. Additionally, it discusses the benefits of moving to a RevOps function, the role of a RevOps leader in making revenue predictable, and the challenges faced in operations and leadership positions.

The Revenue Marketing Report

Wed Apr 26 2023

“Credit” vs. “Attribution” in B2B Marketing

The episode had to be pulled due to poor audio quality. Camille Rexton was the guest on the episode. They discussed what attribution is and isn't good for. Many people are already using attribution without realizing it. Self-reported attribution is not commonly used anymore. Check out the show notes for a link to the full article with the content.

The Revenue Marketing Report

Thu Apr 20 2023

Leading During an Economic Downturn

Business AdaptationMarketing RoleCulture and Employee SatisfactionAdapting to Changing Landscape

The episode discusses the need for businesses to adapt to change, the role of marketing in attracting and retaining customers, the importance of culture and employee satisfaction, and adapting to the changing landscape. It highlights the shift from profit-focused to people-focused discussions, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on business mindset, and the opportunities for growth and efficiency. The episode emphasizes the value of empathy, personal relationships, brand recognition, and technology in business success.

The Revenue Marketing Report

Thu Apr 13 2023

Is ChatGPT the Future of B2B Marketing?

  • Depper is a growth marketing agency that specializes in media marketing.
  • The company has grown fast and currently has a team of 20 people....