Deep Questions with Cal Newport

Deep Questions with Cal Newport

Cal Newport is a computer science professor and a New York Times bestselling author who writes about the impact of technology on society, and the struggle to work and live deeply in a world increasingly mired in digital distractions. On this podcast, he answers questions from his readers and offers advice about cultivating focus, productivity, and meaning amidst the noise that pervades our lives.

Deep Questions with Cal Newport

Mon Dec 04 2023

Ep. 277: From Chaos to Calm (in 1 day)

organizationproductivitydigital storagetask managementtime management

The podcast episode covers various topics including Cal Newport's mechanical keyboard, transitioning to organization, setting up a digital storage system, dumping tasks into lists, transitioning from a text file to a system, configuring your schedule, thorough configuration process, Zokdok platform and career planning, building strong connections and time management, improving concentration and efficiency, practicing concentration and reading books, book recommendations and academic theories, improving concentration and evaluating theories, Express VPN and book recommendations, postmodernism and critical theories, book recommendations and personal reflections, personal reflections and conclusion.

Deep Questions with Cal Newport

Mon Nov 27 2023

Ep. 276: Lazy or Disorganized?

productivitytask managementmotivationcareer planningcognitive energy

This episode explores the concept of laziness and provides strategies for overcoming it. It discusses the inverse law of accomplishment, total loop closure, and the importance of effective task management. The episode also delves into the impact of algorithms on mental health and offers insights on building a deep life. Finally, it addresses the challenges faced by Generation Z and provides recommendations for navigating a technological society.

Deep Questions with Cal Newport

Mon Nov 20 2023

Ep. 275: Accomplishing Hard Goals

goal settingproductivitywork-life balanceknowledge workpassion development

In this episode of Deep Questions, Cal Newport discusses how to succeed with transformative goals, the benefits of reverse goal setting, and strategies for managing workload and optimizing knowledge work. He also explores the importance of developing passion and discipline, balancing clinical work and research, and using Blinkist for book summaries.

Deep Questions with Cal Newport

Mon Nov 13 2023

Ep. 274: The Deep Life Stack v2.0

deep lifeproductivitydisciplinefocuspersonal growth

The episode explores the concept of cultivating a deep life by overcoming digital distractions, establishing discipline, and building a framework for personal growth. It discusses the revised version of the Deep Life Stack, emphasizing the importance of becoming a capable human being and cultivating depth. The podcast also delves into topics such as clean shutdown routines, planning for productivity, slow productivity, and the role of courage and expertise in pursuing goals. It critiques the prevalence of courage culture in society and advocates for more realistic portrayals of success.

Deep Questions with Cal Newport

Mon Nov 06 2023

Ep. 273: A Deep Response to Distraction

learningmotivationbraindopamineepisodic future thinking

The episode covers various topics related to making learning addictive, understanding the brain's motivational systems, deliberate practice, episodic future thinking, finding passion in work, developing a vision for life, improving study habits, parenting and intellectual development, shutting down and task planning, scheduling and time management, Blinkist book summaries and ExpressVPN, critique of "Dr. No" and the value of reading, and adding sound effects to the podcast.

Deep Questions with Cal Newport

Mon Oct 30 2023

Ep. 272: The Essential Tools (w/ David Epstein)

productivityorganizationself-reflectionmemory improvementcareer planning

This episode explores essential productivity tools, organization methods, self-reflection techniques, memory improvement strategies, career planning tips, and engaging learning approaches. The hosts discuss the importance of deliberate experimentation, reflection, and knowledge management for productivity. They also delve into the benefits of journaling, time blocking, and solitude for personal growth. The episode concludes with insights on language learning, digital distractions, and the impact of immersive experiences on motivation. Overall, it provides a comprehensive guide to enhance productivity and learning in various aspects of life.

Deep Questions with Cal Newport

Mon Oct 23 2023

Ep. 271: The Long Game

planningmaximizing outcomesovercoming challengescollective trapstask management

This episode covers the importance of annual planning, maximizing future outcomes, overcoming low-energy grooves, breaking collective traps, effective task management, and key insights on therapy and internet privacy.

Deep Questions with Cal Newport

Mon Oct 16 2023

Ep. 270: Depth vs. Distraction

work-life balanceproductivitysuper distractionspsychic painrumination

During times of tragedy or difficulty, it is important to prioritize human connection and other critical aspects of life over work and productivity. Super distractions, such as social media and online pornography, hinder people from achieving their goals. Understanding psychic pain and finding healthier alternatives to super distractions can lead to a more meaningful life. By recognizing and dealing with psychic pain in a sustainable way, one can amplify what's important about their humanity instead of suppressing it. Psychotherapy approaches like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and acceptance commitment therapy (ACT) can help address negative rumination patterns. Rituals can improve focus and productivity in both deep work and shallow work contexts. Case studies show the benefits of digital decluttering and taking control of digital distractions. The impact of social media on news organizations and the importance of deep work are also discussed.

Deep Questions with Cal Newport

Mon Oct 09 2023

Ep. 269: Don’t Get Started

Living DeeplyWorking DeeplyProductivityDeep Life

The podcast episode explores strategies for living and working deeply in a distracted world. It discusses unexpected ideas for building a deeper life, cultivating depth through treating the mind like a private garden, controlling time and obligations for productivity, choosing paths towards a deep life, and the drive for productivity and accomplishment.

Deep Questions with Cal Newport

Mon Oct 02 2023

Ep. 268: Stoicism and the Deep Life

stoicismMarcus AureliusMeditationsphilosophycareer change

This episode explores stoicism and Marcus Aurelius' 'Meditations'. It discusses the practical applications of stoicism in navigating life and finding peace. The book's key ideas are highlighted, including the importance of controlling thoughts, dealing with stress, and finding meaning. The episode also delves into career change, motivation, work-life balance, and book recommendations.

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